Stefano sent me emails, here's my reply

Stefano sent me emails, here’s my reply.

Hi prick. Very funny you tell that you are not interested in what i would reply. Mr Crook writes stories, lies and bullshit and noone should say anything to this. You are really retard, see below my baldness pig (a pig is bald by definition).

My family name was not supposed to appear publicly also, but you did it because you have been ashamed i proved with hard facts that you are a scammer. Of course you claim all my evidences are nonsense because you are under prozac, (you said to judge that you had psychological damages) and it helps you not focusing too much on your own miserable life. Again you don’t want to admit that the house in the picture is your residential house, where you, your wife, dogs, cats and baby and your unique wheel live. What you want us to believe is completely absurd.

You want us to believe that this house is a rental property?. You live in it, all your videos of your system and computer uncessful demonstrations had been filmed in it, we see the same carpet, all details fit. Your garden is still virgin, your wife said in an email that you didn’t like working in it, that she had to yell at you so that you move your fat ace.

Does it match with someone who claims having some workable systems and computers worth millions? No.
With someone who has multiple rental properties? No. With someone who has some stones worth millions?. NO.
It does not.

You are either a drug addict who lives in a fantasy world of make belief, or you are like Mark who earns a living from the scams and who will deny at any price the truth about his situation. You have been trapped in your own trap.
You claim to earn 70K/year, so can you please acknowledge that you are a big scammer to claim on your website that your system is able to earn 30K/week part time?. Of course not.

You claim the release of your uncensored full system is of no consequence of your rich status because it is only the basics of the basics and that it ends up with computer sells. Then how come you are daily watching my website to see on what website it has been uploaded to cry so that you have it deleted. Don’t you find that very contradictory? Of course not, thanks to your drugs.

You are very funny with your rental properties story. It is not because you repeat it in your mail that it will seem convincing.

So if i understand well, you live at xx warriour court and at the same time you rent a lot of houses that you bought. Ok, so your residential property is quite small, does not have a garden, your wife mentionned in an email that thanks to the TV prize of 10,000$, you will be able to finish the pork place, because as wealthy as you are, you cannot buy a residential property that does not need renovations, you Stefano works in the garden, with all the money you earn, you cannot pay someone to do it. You can pay some technicians, developpers for your nokia shit, but for working in the garden, Stefano has to do it. (Kylie starts yelling at you…remember this damaging email). LOL. By the way, did you divorce? I just ask because it is your wife fault if we have been aware that all your claims of wealth are untrue.

You ask me why you would use 20,000$ from your company earning when you could use the 10,000$ TV prize tax free. Then my question is: Why didn’t you use some money earned with Roulette one night with your computer with a 1 in 16 hit rate on modern level wheels but gives 12 pockets error distance yardage? Simply because it does not work, same for your stupid wave/dealer signature system.

Ok, so before i lived with my parents and now i likely lived with my parents, you doubt… If… all your denigrating statements are based on suppositions…i understand why the judge shut your mouth up when you tried to talk. You are very boring.
It is true i can’t read your waves chart. Only someone who didn’t finish high school, failed his physics studies, failed the airforce entrance, obviously discovered mysterious patterns. Qualified people could not do it, but Stefano could. Obviously we are not enough silly to understand your garbage.

What is funny is you think only me, mark and forester does not like you. Prozac effect maybe?. Well, let’s take an example of a person that you respect (how could not you, he gave you a lesson about your proper new wheel). Snowman/Herb is laughing at you my friend and it is justified. You tried to give a lesson about your new wheel at VLS, as if it was a very good wheel that would fit perfect casino conditions, you made some suppositions because you are not knowledgeable at all about the ball track etc… and you were wrong on many aspects. Strange for someone who claim such bullshit like “We are the foresmost experts in the roulette world”. Gimme a break, you are a sucker, and thanks to Herb who knows Roulette more than anyone else, you’ve been totally ridiculized. I’m surprised you didn’t delete this post, again it must be prozac effect, truth that slaps your big jaws do not hurt you anymore.

Yes, the dealer signature system you teach does not work, because it is called blind DS and sucks very much in real casino conditions, but of course NOT on your old huxley and ball that you control speed. Noone excepted you teach that shit.

Now your VB systems based on approximations, NO they do not work either, you are the only one teaching VB system based on approximations, you don’t even write to clock the rotor, just to estimate. You are a sucker, this is highly recognized by the foremost experts my stupid friend, not only me, mark and forester, stop the pills.

You are focusing on 19 pockets because your predictions are so dispersed that you need to look that large to see a dominance. If you need to look at a 19 pockets sector to see if you have an edge on a consistant slow rotor speed, then you can hung yourself, it means the computer predictions are not accurate at all.
This highly sucks, particularly when the computer has been applied on a very slow rotor speed ( no error for the rotor clocking), and predictions obtained late (6secs before ball drops).

Anyone with some basic knowledge knows very well what would have been the result of your computer on a wheel with varied rotor speeds. That is the point of my charts displayed on my website. Your computer applied in Casino conditions: TOTALLY RANDOM. This is very clear, just accept it and make your apologizes.

Concerning the RNG system, i submitted what i thought was the best RNG system that could pass a lot of spins and stay positive. That was the challenge, and it was free, so i took my chance. It could pass your test as other systems, you just need the right sample. But at that time, i thought you were wealthy and could honour the prize if the test was positive, but of course now the truth has been revealed about your life style, i would not have bothered with this.

You wrote that you claimed you were the site owner when you posted positive reviews about your systems and computers? Fucking liar, the owner of the website was not presented as yourself, you said your first name was David and that you bought a lot of systems, therefore you could review them… Bastard you are.

Your VB methods like the one where you note the crossover number when the ball has completed the third ball revolution are more practical than Scott and Pierre’s? More Practical SURE, it’s child play (good for you), More Accurate??? LOL

You could not sue me idiot!. When i see you lost 2 times your court orders against Forester that you claim being very stupid and unwealthy, i imagine what would have been the result of your prosecution. You have no money, you cannot afford legal help.

If you want me to believe that you live a fantastic life logging everyday on message boards and on my website, then it is a lost cause since real wealthy people have better things to do!.

On a final word, i hate injustice, and that’s what you are causing to people believing in your shits. It’s not respectful for people in this world who help others to have a better life, to claim that they have mental problems or have nothing better to do.

But, how a scammer would react after being clearly exposed. Not with nice words of course.

There is only one solution for you to stop me. You have to connect to my dublinbet account and earn 30K in a week like it is stated on your various websites. When it will be done, i will give you the 30K, delete my website, youtube videos, well everything related to you and your systems, claim publicly on various message boards that i’ve been completely wrong about you and your products. I could also promise to hang myself so much i’m sure of the contrary.

But as you know, we will still have to cross our road for a very long time, because between us, you know what you are. :smiley:

WELL it is coming close (5 months after) ::slight_smile:

Stefano says he will do it and show it to Snowman.

30 k you asked is fair win; if he can do it, it will have some meaning.

That’s winnings what he promises per week when he sells systems. (It used to be 30 k per hour)
Now follow how all will be twisted. And on the end nothing will happen, just his bragging around public forums. :wink: