Stefano is busy talking smack again! some people just never learn


So Stefano is so popular now, according the difference in dates on his 2 posts, he is insinuating that he booked out solid in less than 48 hours. so as a result, no one else is allowed to attend his demonstation because he has no more seats left for his BIG November 13th Demo coming up. HA HA !!! :wink:

he says they’ll all have to wait till january 2011 for the next demo!!! HA HA !!! ;D

Apparently Stefano claims it was fully booked within 24 hours. If he was giving roulette computers for free he wouldn’t have so many people come to Australia to get it, if any.

“The demonstration will be exclusively for the roulette computer device explained at, NOT the roulette system at”

What! He is not going to demonstrate scamming pattern search from 333 roulette spins.
I challenge every AP player that Stefano’s any pattern within 333 spins can’t indicate anything for future spins. And Scamopulus claims his genuine winner scam, bits any wheel better then 1:35.

“PS - Anyone can attend, including forester.”

Is he on pills so now he feels better?
Last time I just passed next to place where he claims to have his roulette demo he accused me of stalking. He claimed how he is afraid for his life, how he has psychological damage because of what is happening to him. He applied to court to make an order so I cannot come close to him. Of course it was dismissed since the judge found him stupid and lying.

The guy is so desperate to prove that he is not a scammer that he is making videos like Mark counting fake bills. For that he has time, but to win at the online casino this is another story.

For Stefano, the word scammer is a BIG understatment. Remember, we are talking about a guy that has a criminal record and served some serious hard time in prison. :-X

Recently Stefano start changing that GW is not a system but his school where he can teach people anything we know and much more.
He even modified video that he published few years ago.

Mark Howe pointed, that Stefano on his video is predicting with basic dealers signature.

On video Stefano claimed it is his custom variant, no matter how hard you spin the rotor or ball he still predicts before then the ball start spinning. He showed ~25% advantage. (the only problem is that video can be easily edited)

Now, video is edited and at start he is wrote it is DS, as just one of methods he teaches.
However in middle of video he still convincing viewer how it isn’t DS. Ouch.

From collected 333 spins for his custom variant simply is impossible for anybody to have an advantage. That’s not large enough amount of spins, for any data analyses that would have meaning.

On his GW video is interesting when rotor is not moving and when the ball is inside pocket it is running towards the middle of wheel. Lava lamp often stops moving, and we can’t see top part of lamp, easy to edit video. But lava lamp makes reflection on the wheel. At many places in between spins that reflection suddenly changes shape in time of only one video frame, which means that top part of lava lamp changed.