Stefano Hourmouzis scams promotion on YouTube is OVER


Just wanted to tell you good news: YouTube deleted all promotional videos from Stefano Hourmouzis. It shows that his scams are very well known now. Efforts are always paying.
The only videos you will find about him are mine, directing to my information website which will keep people away from disaster.

Good job YouTube.


It looks as I am the only one who never complain about him and things he does.

He was constantly complaining to my host provider, Google everyone about my site. Believe it or not, he was winging why in 2 sentences I describe how his computer works he claimed it is copyright, when is same time publicly he was writing I have no idea how his computer works, look at him what he is doing with his video just to discredit me. It is really sick. Well he does it to everyone who got involved with this scam. Every time you make a post here I look around his sites to see what he is saying.

He did not say a word why videos were removed. Personally I do not have anything against any video; all I do is, tell my opinion. And yes videos were manipulative, and it was unfair to associate his system with other people’s big wins when it has nothing to do with it.

I am still waiting for him to finish at least one of his promises so someone really tests his roulette computer. He wrote Snowman will do it, and then he wrote he doesn’t want to do it. Same story as in usual with everyone who really wanted to test it. Since I know Snowman reasonably well I asked him is it the truth that he lost interest in testing. He replayed at GG forum, no it is not he still wants to test Stefano’s computer but he doesn’t want to be involved in Stefano’s manipulations with DVD since that is not prove of anything. We all know who Snowman is and that he is advantage player therefore and his response is reasonable.

This morning at his forums Stefano published another story about you. But it is regards your challenge about his genuinewinner roulette scam.
I do not understand how he expects you to deposit $5k so he can gamble.

If he wants to prove GW to his unhappy customer as you are, then he should use remaining $5k he owns you from computer he sold you, deposit to your account, make $30k and that definitely would shut you up. He can and record on DVD how he was progressing with account.
Until now all he does is empty talks to avoid real thing and we both know why.