Stefano Hourmouzis Genuine Winner

Last year I refused to sell any of my systems. I simply referred all potential buyers to Mark Howe and Stefano. I never recommend or discredit any of them and it was buyer’s choice to select whatever they prefer or believe.
In many occasions I did get negative feedback about them, but it was not reliable information. Anybody could claim to have their computer and write how it isn’t good.

Mine main objective is not to be system seller I am a player, therefore I have no reason to discredit anybody. For me the best is to be neutral. But is it really neutral if you know something is not as it was claimed to be, and if someone may lose much money because of that and you do nothing about it. I do not think so.

Therefore I decided to open my mouth. It does not cost me anything and it may help someone. My loss can be only bad writing about me from someone who does not like my review, however I can leave with that and general opinion does not affects me at all. Additional reason of this post is to avoid replaying on all emails that people ask me about other roulette computers.
Recently Stefano sent emails with proposal to promote his system/computer and if you sell one he will pay you 50% of price. Another way of promotion. There are so many desperate gamblers that would do anything to make some money.

Stefano’s computer has been tested from 3 independent testers. In recent exchange of few posts with Kelly at GG forum, I was accused from Bago that I do not have Stefano’s computer.
You can read it here.

Because he first accuse me of lying then asked me for prove, I did not want to answer his question. Instead I challenged him with $500 as a donation for GG forum if I answer question or if I do not I will donate $1000. Of course after some jumping and empty words Bago run away. Stefao manipulated him.

Well I will answer his question here.

Stefano’s computer is activated in applications with 4 digit code (it can be changed) and it is entered as playing game tic tack toe. It starts as a kid’s game and that is how it works. If you thinking to buy it consider that you must after every 20 hours of play send 14 letters code to Stefano and receive 12 letters code to enter it in computer. That way he can refuse any time to send you new code under excuse that you talked about his phone or that you used it in casino. Other words you have no chance to get any money back.

As excuse Stefano blames his customers that they are not doing accurate clocking.
My question is; isn’t the computer one who should do error corrections.
Whoever uses his computer would know that he would hear more RISK then anything else. It is extremely difficult to use in reality, it’s quite clear to me that he’s never had to use this computer in a real casino situation himself, it requires the exact information from the wheel you are playing. That is what he would say is needed. But that is not the only one problem with his computer.
The real problem is that computer does not have prediction at all. Next step in testing was on his video spins with data that he provided that is specific for his wheel. We did few tests and result is really disappointing.
Simple test as repeating single spin and try to predict it 40 times gave us random results.
How it can be if computer has any prediction. Single spin has only one final result, and if we repeat that spin computer should predict it all the time same. My latest system without all those settings that he requires just after few spins needed for automatic adjustment for particular wheel would have accuracy of close to 1 number in prediction, (based on detected ball and rotor speed).

Recently I received phone call from guy close related to Ritz team. For me he is the one who really understands the game and who helped me to develop system to next level based on his needs. In middle conversation he starts telling me how he had hands on Stefano’s computer, he calls Stefano Greek guy. Well his way of testing produced same results as mine. No prediction at all.
On top of that he made comment that it is it is nicely done with many options but only problem is that it does not work.

This would be enough, I think after this there is no need to describe his paper system which I also have. Of course I never played it and supply numbers to Stefano but I do have here people who did it. If for any reason Stefano is not happy with my review and thinks that it is unjustified, that is fine with me. I am prepared to visit him with few of his computers for money refund. At one stage he advertises that he will refund double money. That would not be necessary, original purchase price will be enough.

If you are reader of this post and if you have his computer you are welcome to provide your opinion. You can also perform basic test as described at

After few posts exchanged at gamblers glen forum with Stefano and Bob Gordon, forum administrator removed them.
I do not know reasons for that but it does not matter.
I did save one text and I will publish it here.
The problem with Bob is that recently I reviewed his system, and actually discovered that he is our old friend who at this forum used name "doker ".

I really start enjoying this how losers trying to hurt me and how far they can go with their lies. Well, it is well known fact for already 2 years now that I am smart enough to decode satellite stream for pay TV. Mark use to write about that a lot, every time someone comes to be desperate brings it out. However I do not see it bad at all. It is actually promotion for me and recognition of my skills. It is my skill and definitely not many people in the world can do it. Same reflects to accurate roulette prediction.

Bob you know well that I do not live there, and even if I do I do not think that any place on gold coast these days can be cheap. That resort is actually nice place with large swimming pool and tennis court. And it is definitely more expensive and nicer place then where you or Stefano live.

That picture is one that I sent to Doker about 2 years ago. Just to check will he will pass it to Mark Howe, because he told me that Mark would pay a lot to get it. The name of picture is “Good looking man on the way to Monte Carlo”

If Stefano admitted that his computer starts as I described, he would have chance to convince me that maybe nobody really set it properly. But his answer is totally dishonest and I will step on him because of that. Only I do not know if he will email me his address or I have to arrange one of his demos and come with few of my orang-utan friends.

The code that appears on the phone has to be emailed to Stefano, he then sends you back another code to put into the phone, this code has to be inputted after you have put in your password to enter the phones hidden play menu, an acceptance then appears which you click then it will ask you for the code that Stefano has sent back to you, you enter the code using the phones keypad, then you are ready to play.

It only shows how manipulative Stefano is and I think it would only turn buyers off, so it would be better if you did not start to talk about how he controls buyers. It is simple control that people can not resell his phone on eBay for 10th of the price.

His phone has vibration and it can vibrate few times to indicate sector on the wheel. Now imagine how long it takes to vibrate 4 times where every sec. is important. His phone does not have vibration for single number and even if he has good prediction this way is totally useless in real environment because vibration takes to long.
I did try coding much better then what he implemented, however it wasn’t any good in casino environment so I had to find better way.
I did not have his hearing aid; therefore I can not comment it. His phone can predict on phone speaker but that is again useless and nobody can use it in casino.

For the end all of this would not be so bad if he can have accurate prediction.
But it is hard for me to believe that 3 independent testers could not understand instructions.

Stefano’s dishonest replay today only helped me to clear out any doubt.

I said what I have to say, so I do not have to write all the time same to everybody who asks me.

Their threats do not worry me at all. If Barnett who is really casino consultant knows my details and I still survive why I would worry for few desperate system sellers who threatening me with court.

Of course I do not have 3 of your phones but only 1.
However I do have additional 2 guys which will be happy to return it.
I do not know do you still refund double money as at one stage you advertised, if not refund of originally paid price will be enough.
So please send me your phone number and address. I will come with phones and after we finish job I will publicly acknowledge that you returned money to unhappy customers.

Reason why they can not get money from you is simple; you are telling them if they want money back that they must come to Australia. And of course someone who already lost his money simply understands that it is another scam from you.
Buy the way on your DVD you are saying that if you find that buyer ever used your computer in casino, you will stop support and that he will lose his money.
Is that a joke?

Your lab test and needs to prove your computer leave for someone else. Didn’t I tell you to go and play it and make $30 000 per hour as you advertise.
With so much money and so great need to prove your computer why don’t you send few to well known people to test it instead of making hundreds of web pages about your tests.

Also your demo in Lorne is the stupidest thing I ever heard. It is in middle of nowhere, 2-3 hr drive from Melbourne. Hardly that ever anybody will even come to Australia for your demo. It is obvious why you are doing it that way.

“Indeed, it has been done on this message board by docker and he claimed having a very slight edge only if he could get his head right over the wheel. (It is on the archives)”

Yes Bago it was only 1:29 hit rate tested on few hundred spins. Even Mark Howe on the end tests it and acknowledges advantage of E2.
Now first imagine what it can do in hands of someone who practice it for years.
Then imagine what my latest system which is 10 levels up from my basic E2 can do.
His comment that you must get head right over the wheel to see ball does not make sense to me. Do you do it when you watching ball. If not then why someone else must do it. If you have nothing smarter to add as comment better do not say anything.

All that you wrote is total rubbish and throwing dust in peoples ayes.
You know that I precisely explained process of activating your phone in post that fishman removed.

I am still waiting for your address and phone number so I can come with computers to visit you. Then you tell me do I have them or not.
It is simple isn’t it? What better prove you want? I do not mind you can take camera and record it all. After that you will have video how you retuned money for few computers to unhappy overseas customers that I represent. Buy making $30 000 per hour with your paper system as you claim you should not problem returning money.
Stefano you cannot win roulette with game that runs on mobile phone.
You cannot win roulette with your voodoo system that predicts by estimating ball and rotor speed. If you can you would use it.

And of course this page has nothing to do with you, probably I made it and somehow add it to genuine winner site.

For 1 year I have had link on my site helping you to sell DVD’s.
DVD’s are not the best but I understand it is some extra income for you.
I have to say that Stefano’s wheel is much better for prediction.

If I understood you well you are selling this rubbish system for $1000 then when screwed in corner you saying that you deliberately sell rubbish system but that you have something better. Typical scammer. Well I hope Stefano will review and your system.
He is in the bad mood today. He changed his review on my system discrediting himself even more. People will laugh at him when they read that he thinks that my latest system is visual prediction.

This is my last post here so for the end and for all users of Stefano’s computer talk to me.

We tested it and it does not work at all. It requires 4 digits to access his tic tack toe game (probably it can be changed back to 3) and after every 20 hours of usage you must send to Stefano 14 letters code. He will replay with 12 letters and only then you can use it.
It is to prevent you talking bad about him and to not be able to sell it on eBay.
He clearly says on his DVD that if he finds out that you talked or that you used it in casino he will not send you new codes any more. So you really do not have chance to complain or to get your money back.
When I collect few more phones I may do something for everybody.

Visit his roulettesystemreviews and check how he really reviews systems. What was standing there for 2 years untouched about my system today he changed it? Ooops he forgot to remove 3 stars. Somehow he already knows about my latest computer and for some reason only known to him he describes it as visual prediction.