Stefano hourmouzis contradictions about his custom variants

For those who didn’t know, Genuinewinner system has been circulating for free since 2005, and this is at this time that Stefano began to update his website to mislead people about what is really his system. Indeed, in 2004, it was called: “his sytem”, sold for 2,000$: See what he wrote at this time:

[b]This is the physics-based roulette system explained in the bulk of my site (screenshot of pages seen left). The most updated document is 39 pages, and includes the latest system variant designed specifically for live online roulette and wheels that are difficult to beat -- this ensures you can apply the system virtually anywhere, and with ease. It is legal to apply in ANY casino as no computers or instruments are used. It is the ONLY easy and practical method that consistently beats roulette, without the aid of computers. It is easy to apply for a single person and provides a genuine edge over the casino - it generates a steady long-term profit as the house edge is beaten. Here's what you receive: 1. The system document explaining my system 2. Free updates of the system document - they include methods to overcome any new counter-measures applied by casinos 3. My free support & personal assistance to ensure your consistent winnings [/b]

What does he claim now? That what he wrote on his ebook is only an introduction of his system, not the system itself!.

What do you expect a scammer saying when his system is exposed and being a scam?

He claimed that what is contained in his ebook allows people to beat consistantly Online Casinos, but now he claims that it is the most basic approach and the introduction of the “real” system that he calls: Custom Variants.

So what is the truth?. I bet you’ve guessed with the proof above, but his custom variants simply does not exist. He created this new “method”, i should say word, since his system was exposed.

Now the hard proof it does not exist and that his system is really what he offered since 2004 in his ebook:

Q62. I’m a professional player and have never heard of a “custom variant” before. Is it some voodoo concept that doesn’t actually work?

Now what is written in his updated ebook: Section: Requesting a Custom Variant:

“You still base bets on where the ball last landed because that is the only way to define patterns”

So, you can see that there is absolutely no difference at all between his “primordial system” and his custom variants, they are both based on where the ball last landed with where the ball lands next.
Absolutely nothing to do with Bias, VB…

See the review i made about his system, you will realize it clearly with his 1 hour demo (custom variant applied), but is in fact the system, primordial variant bullshit applied.


Bago, how much have you lost to stefano?

Hi Mate

Nothing excepted my time. I asked for a refund concerning his nokia phone and he had no other choice to do it because i’ve hosted documents at Mark Howe website and as he cannot accept bad reviews because he relies on sells to earn a living, he finally refunded me, wishing my personal documents would be removed from, but Mark refused, and i blamed the last for that, but as i was silent and Stefano began to discredit me on his message board, saying bullshits like i just tested his nokia phone on my PC with a skipping player, i have to defend myself from lies since i’m honest and he is a scammer.


PS: Anybody interested in Stefano’s 2,500$ system can email me.
I know he is saying that the ebook is not his system, that it is just an introduction, bullshit, he wrote in it that you can beat Online Casinos with that shit, so of course it is his system, his videos demonstrations prove it too, as i explained in the thread: GENUINEWINNER SYSTEM REVIEW.

I’ve seen all his variants from pdf file to ebook.
Every month someone offers me to exchange FF for Stefano’s Genuine winner system. NO MORE !

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[b]Hi Forester,

Stefano advertised on his roulette message board that he got his new wheel since 20, november.
Five days later, no video demonstrations of his custom variant beating his new wheel.
Stefano wants to prove that he has something else than his ebook, so he is recording himself spinning like a fool and calling random predictions until he gets a winning streak of around 1 hour like his last video demonstration where he already claims applying a custom variant whereas in fact is predicting massively anticlockwise the last winning number. You can see my graph proving that on his system review thread.

He wants us to admit we are wrong, but now we know where he lives, this is impossible, and everybody understands.[/b]