Static electricity and winning on roulette

Whoever played roulette longer would notice that the dealer somehow sometimes is stuck in some section or that for some time some numbers come more often.

When we look hot numbers on the display board it is in usual for past 300 spins.
If we divide it by 37 we get that in an average each number should hit 8.1 times.

If on the board we see say some numbers past 300 spins come 9-12 times it is normal, it is still within one standard deviation. But if we see it say 17-20 times it is much more.

So what if you come to the table one day and it shows the number as 1 and 2 at about 17 hits, next day other 2-3 numbers 18 hits, next day again other numbers. For example, each day or say a few days in a week some different numbers hit 15-20 times.

Can it be a coincidence?

What if it is static electricity and very light in weight roulette balls?

Many casinos have carpets, dealers may have some sintetic clothing, come to the wheel charged and leave some charge on the pockets or wheel section where they pick the ball.

Did anyone try to charge the pockets with static electricity?

What is your thought on this?

Really 1 STD for the number in 300 spins is 2.8 so 3STD is 8.4. So 8.1+8.4=17 hits what is like 3STD and that must happen in 1% cases.
But such calculation is not right, because that is calculation for one number which you choose before. When you look to results without choosing so every number which has more than 16 hits is good for you - you will get I not sure if 37 times more often such situattion, must think how that to calculate, but will be very near to that.
So in about 1/3 cases, you will see one number with 17 or more hits and that talk simply about normal dispersion…

Yes, but could the static charge matter?

If places of numbers will be isolated one from other, then maybe will be some chance, that some numbers can be more preferable to hit… but now they all are connected…
But still rotor moves and say are some friction between rotor and stator, the same are friction between ball and stator on ball track. So here can be something what have some effect.