Spying on advantage players


Ok… I will do some experiments and let you know…

On another topic… concerning ‘the expert’… I found the following:

check it out… it is obvious that he ‘hopes to identify’ all of us that have an interest in advantage play… it would appear that he is trying to compile a database and sell it to the casinos…



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A request for a special nemesis guest

Posted By: S
Date: 18 Mar 06, 9:05 am

In Response To: Shift Manager (BJ KID)

BJK, I like to request a special nemesis guest on your radio chat show: Michael Barnett

Here’s the info on his profile:


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Casino spy working under deep cover.

I play both sides of the table (but not at the same time).

My signature MO is to get advantage players to click on a link to my website so that I can log their IP address. http://www.survtech.com.au/

I don’t have a use for IP addresses at the moment but I am lobbying hard to make it mandatory to disclose one’s IP address when entering a casino.

I have other professional investigative techniques in my arsenal; I post as myself so that people will think I’m not me and strike up a cyber conversation.

Michael Barnett
AKA Survtech
Surveillance Technology
Western Australia

There isn’t much use from names if they don’t know how people look. In Australia registration isn’t required when visiting casino.
I think someone is making a joke with Barnett.

Let ME Clarify what BARNETT is trying to say

I post as me so people won’t really think that I me, Myself or I. But why - MY OH MY - - -
Because I am a Bad GUY - - - that likes to LIE- - - and that’s why Forester threw my BUTT OUT and made me CRY - - -
So now I just want to go in a cave and DIE - - - SINCE FORESTER CAUGHT ME TELLING ALL THOSE LIES. :’(

It was only my conspiracy theory. I hope I used the right word.
You need to understand that he is only doing his job, same as we do our job and casino pays :-).

I do not know did Barnett learn anything from this but I definitely did.
There were some things I simply couldn’t avoid but at least I managed to get them under control simply because I always do what is right to do.
Imagine if I was listening to his recommendation, about his access to support, how the easiest would be if nobody knows about it. With his first mood swing it would break at my head. I didn’t cut his access to forum because I hate him, or because I do not agree with him or because I want to. I did it simply because it was right thing to do. His presence here I never consider as dangerous since he could get only what I want to give, other words only what he could get as anybody else.

Last he sent me was question did I come to this point by myself or it was collaboration. Also his apology, that he is sorry for letting me down because I didn’t deserve it and that I will not her from him any more.

He is very skillful man, and should never be underestimated. He doesn’t do anything without reason. So have in mind even when he looked silly he have had reason for that.

I am lobbying hard to make it mandatory to disclose one's IP address when entering a casino
What? When entering a physical casino? Advantage play isn't possible in online casinos anyway. So, how many walk around knowing their IP? Or have dynamic IP?

That sentence quoted doesn’t make any sense. A hard case to lobby for, no doubt

Another way to prevent advantage play, would be to simply kill everyone!

ha ha ha ha ha ha ;D

Why don’t Barnett just take all those millions of dollars he claimed to have cheated the Casino’s out of over the years- – AND GET A LIFE? ???

He sure does sound like a desperate man trying to make ends meet, for someone that is suppose to have millions stashed away. ???

If I had millions stashed away I wouldn’t be sitting in my bed room in my draws trying to figure out some one elses ip address like Barnett is doing. ;D

WHO REALLY CARES. IF I WAS IN MY 70’S AND HAD MILLIONS STASHED AWAY LIKE BARNET CLAIMS TO HAVE - - I would be to busy traveling all over the world, dating pretty and exotic women, throwing wild parties, buying vacation homes, expensive cars and big boats - - - living it up for what short time I have left of my remaining life. 8)

I certainly wouldn’t be sitting at home all alone locked in my bed room in a smelly pair of draws like Barnett is doing - - -trying to figure out ip addresses that could never be used in REAL LIFE in the first place. That’s not what people who are really millionaires do!!! Who is Barnett trying to fool about all these millions he supposedly made? WHERE DID ALL THESE MILLIONS AND MILLIONS OF DOLLARS BARNETT CLAIMS TO HAVE MADE MYSTERIOUSLY GO? ;D

THAT REALLY HURTS HIS CREDIBILITY CATCHING HIM IN A LIE RIGHT OFF THE BAT… not that it really matter since the guy all ready admitted to be a cheater his entire life - - - so now all of a sudden he wants to go straight now that the old fart is in 70’s near the end of his life span - - -IT’S A LITTLE TO LATE FOR THAT NOW. A life time cheat that is reformed overnight - - I DON’T THINK SO - - NOT HARDLY :smiley: