Spotting another advantage roulette player

What would you do if you spot another roulette player?

During my recent plays, i have been able to identify advantage roulette players. With my current knowledge, i can tell that 90% of them are playing a losing game!

I spotted one pro player who probably have knowledge above me if not the same and the fun fact was there was another advantage player on the table. I heard the pro saying to the amateur when he leave and his exact wordings are “that’s not how you play roulette”. The amateur then asked the pro if he can see what he was writing on paper and the pro replied him “sure but you won’t be able to understand anyway”. Funny thing is that i was watching behind and i know exactly what he was writing on the paper. Later after the pro left, I asked the amatuer player do you know what is yardage data is and he said he doesnt. He also assumed the wheel was a very titled wheel but in fact it was a lighlty tilted wheel! He seemed to be using vb2 without the adjustment of wheel speed and basically all the essential factors!

Hey, spotting advantage players can be tricky! Just remember, everyone’s got their own strategy, so maybe they know something you don’t. Keep an open mind and focus on your game!

Not tricky at all to spot! For both bias and vb! Just by experience and lots of wheel data should do the work.