Spin data request

I am looking for data on spins from live roulette wheels…the more spins, the better.

Specifically, I am looking for numbers hit (in chronological order) and a notation on when the dealer changes. If anyone can point me in the right direction if this data is out there, I would appreciate it.

As you sayed data is out there… go and take :P. You need more data then that dow…

I’m trying to avoid taking a bunch of notes at the casino. I’m looking for a specific correlation between DS and hot sectors. I’m doing quite well using a system that I am developing, but all of my evidence is anecdotal. I would like to be able to have some numbers over a larger time frame besides just me and my local casino.

I suppose if I can find a live wheel online that allows American IPs, at least I can take numbers from home without having to be discreet about it.

Can use proxy to hide IP.