Some of the newest, latest wheels I can buy!


Do you have these in play on local casino? Wight one looks good, but other… l would not buy one unless you have some around…

Toxic, why do you want a wheel?
If you know a cheap way to transport wheel, then i give you my huxley for free and it is with better chape then does two wheels.
It stand in a corner and collect dust.


:wink: Hi Lucky. If shipping wasn’t so expensive I would of taken you up on it immediately!

The photos are of actual wheels for sale here and I especially thought the second wheel with weird cone and frets combined was quite a laugh. So that is why I posted it.

I am not desperate for a wheel but I do have a look on the classifieds etc. if there are any available for cheap prices. The best so far has been a Huxley early MK model, low frets. They asked R30k for it which is about 2500 Euros +/- I was very tempted but thought why would I buy an old wheel which is not even used in todays casinos? The second reason I didn’t buy it was, what if the bearings needed replacing or what if the track was warped etc. Third reason was I would have to of travelled 1500km to pick it up and 1500km back…