Som information

Hello guys,

So just a short introduction of my self:
I am new on this forum, have been playing roulette the mathematical way for over 2 years and made no loss but neither did I make any profits.

So, i recently heard some guys in a bar talking about visual ballistics, roulette etc.
I looked it up on youtube and came across some video’s of Jafco i believe, and from genuinewinner.

I was very impressed so I decided to start with the visual way of roulette.

Now my question…
Where do I start? Are there any systems i can train, practise, and so on, or is the only way buying some sort of system?

Any help very much appriciated!
Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

You start here

Evolution of roulettes advantage play,1481

If you want to buy any material i would suggest search for books of Laurance Scott, perhaps masterroulette may help or Jafco as well.

Stay away from scam calling itself genuine.

Genuine is a scammer?
Well shit, I was just making agreements with him about a new website, since I am a graphic designer.

Thanks :smiley: