Snowmans file

good program
but what is yardage?

I sent it back in a private email.

Anybody willing and able to explain me the above posted topic?


It’s Snowman’s file.
It measures distances in between spins with different options.
For example you enter prediction and final result, then the program can graph differences, for each spin or CW or ACW, etc.
I believe he should share it.

I vote for that, so pls snowman… :-*


we are all ready aware of the fact that it’s snowman’s file since it says it right in the header. Brian was refering for Snowman or anyone else to please explain it.

Afterall, this is a private roulette forum for advanced users. Now if we all start refusing to share information here, than it defeats the whole purpose of us advanced users to be able to communicate effectively… and if the advanced users here are unable to communicate effectively, than you might as well just shut the whole forum down.

I agree
we shoud do more

@Dr.Spock,@Forester, @ all members

Although I do not like it either, if people post something which cannot be understand without some background.

But I can imagine that people are not willing to communicate frank and free about their experiences.
Observing most of good A-players, also myselve :smiley: , I found that they are lonely distrustfull and most criticall “wolves”, who were not only once beaten from life.

Also the, to my opinion, required pschychological settings make them due to the AP job to lonely people.
By my knowledge, in no job you find so much social lonely people, concerning the job they practice.

Lonely because there are not few people where they can talk with, wenn ball dropped wrong.
Every time you loose, it is your own bloody fu… fault.
You have to communicate and critisize intensively with your selve , to find out what you did wrong.
Nobody around to ask, to discuss, to rant with.
You all have to do it, the whole time, with your selve!
You cannot even blame anyone, it’s your own bloody fault.
Additional; one day you fly up to the sky, winnings cannot stop, and than the other moment you loose a couple of hundred pieces.
The ride your doing in your own emotional roller coaster, models for who, and what you are.
The moment at the table you win, you cannot yell for hapiness, the moment you loose, you cannot yell for hell.

You all suffer and undergo everything, only with your selve

Also to my opinion, on top of it, whatever you do in life, if you want to do it extraordinnary good, you must be possessed of the thing you do.

I think, to be an outstanding A-player you must be possessed. Because the only way to handle roullete profitable, is to be extraordinnary good with your predictions skills.
And that means to me, training, training, training and occupy continously with roulette prediction.

Now imagine, real nice lady, sees you winning, and asks you in casino: what do you do for life?
This is the most horrible question I can meet. Only resisting the look of that lady ist not human for a man like me. I can do two thing:

  1. I start the conversation, game over! (what happens to often)
    Speak, no money. And I tell her I am “cook, baker dentist” etc what the hell I should answer her? Can I tell her job I’m doing?
  2. I continue to play and rejects everything, what has not to do with earning money.
    Both reactions are not average human. It makes me different from the others.

Also, I walk around all time like a sniper, watching 4 -5 tables like hawk wich table I can play.

After two hours I find out no play for me at the moment. Than I spot suddenly dealer changes, and table is playable.
I cut off every conversation, rushes to the table to find out, that the table is not good enough…

But I feel in fact that the table is playable, and don’t know why exactly.
Again, I have nobody to talk with.

Pushes the thoughts away and freezes on the same skill level as I was.
Considering the above mentioned personal settings where A-player has to deal with, shapes a very special human being.

To my opinion I have two options:

  1. I continue the way as above mentioned

  2. or create a plattform where I can talk frank and open.

I do understand that it is not easy to trust and open yourselve to complete strangers. Also if you experience how some members sometimes deal with each other.

In my daily profession I only have to deal with real professionals. Some I don’t like, some I like.

In our regular trainings we are unconditional obliged to listen to eachother, whatever the person you talk to, has to say.
This is sometimes hard, but it is professional and brings reult.
Also we do brainstorming, every participant has to listen and is allowed to react in only positive way. I tell you this is hard .
We human being, tends to judge immediately what we do not understand.

And who of the A-Players is able to say, I understand everything of roulette?

Me, atleast is willing and able to listen what another has to say, even if it is garbage, at first sight.
You never know what comes out of the positive reactions, you sent to your discussion partner. Also, in my profession it is daily teached:

“The transmitter is responsible for the receiver”

Otherwise remain silence please. It doesn’t bring something.

I do not know yet how we can motivate members with much knowledge to post in this forum.

Perhaps we choose a committee (Forester?) who receives first, all the sensible post.
This commitee filters, based on certain conditions, which post can be public, which can be for members, which can be for buyers of ff, which can be for certain circle of people who earned in some way utmost trust of the members.
Different levels for post as we have now, but more filtered and dosed according to the sensibility of the post.

I did it in the past, and my post was handled most discretly, and came nevertheless in a usefull way in the forum.

What do you people think?

Thanks for your attention, even if it was garbage for you. :smiley:


Well why do you all make it such a big deal.
Send him a PM and make contact.

Spend time and post about it is a waste for effort.

most pragmatic, lucky :slight_smile:
Great idea! I’ll do that

I hear you Brian. However, I perceive snowman as a very interesting and outgoing person. He did reach out to me on several occassions and I find his knowledge on BIAS 2nd to none. So I do fully understand why he would not want to share this special information on a public forum.

He did suggest we meet up at a designated meeting spot to talk roulete over lunch or dinner. I agree. We should. here is that link…

Dr. Spock,

From time to time I’m in your area. I have found some strong drops, including some one pin games. Look at the wheels later in the week.

In general, early in the week, many of the wheels get a good cleaning so it skews them for a while. Give them about 30 or 40 hours to begin to recover. Check the wheels out on late Sat. nights and Sundays.

If you want specific casinos then we can talk via email.
We really should meet up in AC sometime for lunch or dinner.


thanks dr. spock for yr reaction. sorry i’m late, to busy with ffz :smiley:

unfortunately i’m to far from you guys, otherwise, i like to luncjk too :wink: