Sizes Cammegh wheels

I am looking for the dimensions of a roulette wheel from the brand Cammegh. There are several I know, but all information is welcome. I am implementing a roulette predictoin program in c++. Based on literature from scientists who described the prediction with mathematics. I try to improve this method with algorithms for ball bouncing and RRS.

Not sure how the size would help. In such case you may have to use and friction parameters on ball track on slope where are the diamonds…

I am now able to find the time until the ball falls.
First measure the time a ball needs to fall. When you compair the next time the ball runs you can calculate the time the ball needs until falll. When you know the position of the wheel, you can predict the half where the ball will end. Did someone try this?

What do you want to say ?
How do you imagine what is this forum about?

I try to implement this on my phone, I would like to know if someone did the same.

But why?
The wheel has already been invented.

Did the same - what? Done on the phone something or trying to calculate left time? Be more specific, more concrete, because now - not clear what you talk.