Situational Play

Hey all, I am new to the message boards here, but I have been a roulette player for a few years. I’ve been messing around with different strategies, betting schemes, etc . . . for a while, and I hope I can add something worthwhile to the discussions on here.

My regular casino has 4 double zero roulette wheels, three of which I have had either a pretty good run of luck on, or I am actually on to something with my playing over the past several months. What I look for is a couple of hits in a short time within a small area on the wheel (say, 11-7-20-32). I’ll play those 4, 5, or up to 7 numbers until I either lose a handful of spins, the dealer changes, or the dealer significantly changes the speed of the wheel.

I’ve also been experimenting with a progression; yesterday, for example, there were 4 hits in 8 spins between 0 and 26. I played $5 per spot on every number between 0 and 7. When I hit one, I upped the bet to $10 per spot, then $15 when I hit again. I made it up to $20 per spot when I didn’t hit for a few, so I left the table with a $500 profit.

That has been my strategy lately; I’ve been successful 6 out of the 7 times I’ve played this way when the conditions were favorable. Total profit this week (6 hours total at the casino, $5 units) is $1300. With 4 tables at this particular casino, I’ve never had to wait more than 15 minutes between sessions when a table appears to be favorable.

I’m open to suggestions/other thoughts or pointers if anyone can see an opportunity to exploit what appears to be a combination of a wheel bias and perhaps some DS.

Also, does anyone have a good method of recording numbers without being obvious about it, i.e. with a pad of paper? I’d like to build a database and figure some statistics to eventually figure out if it is just pure luck, or if I actually have an edge over the house in these situations, and if so, how much?