Site performance

I hope the forum runs smooth and fast on the other site of the world.

[attach name=performancephp7.png type=image/png]1435[/attach]

Added HTTPS protocol where data is sent between your browser and the / that you are connected to. The ‘S’ at the end of HTTPS stands for Secure. All communications between your browser and the websites are encrypted.

  1. please, downside of the site where the last uploaded files are to be possible to see also the topic and when click on it to leave us to the post where the upload is done as before, because now we haven’t that option as before.

    2. if it is possible to separate the last PROGRAM UPLOADS to be on one side and the OTHER kind of uploads as images, etc. to other side of the page bottom

    23 as well on the left side apart from the “recent posts” to be shown the “recent topics” as before.

    I really miss this two options as I used them a lot, many thanks in advance.

    P.S.: Lately there’s so many silence on this forum!!

Added recent topics, rest I will look when I come back home in about 3 weeks.