Simplified VB

Dear members,

As stated in my introduction post, I am watching ‘smartlivecasino’ on my satellite dish for training. Since I am not long time ago introduced with VB, I use a probably very simplified version of VB. However it does seem to work with the television training many times but only with certain circumstances.

This is what I do. After ballspin I concentrate on one deflector (usually the one on top) After few rounds of the ball, there’s a moment that one numbers shows up under the deflector and the very next round again. It’s like the rotor speed and ball speed are in sync. When I spot this moment, I ad 10 to 15 pockets to the left or the right depending on cw or ccw. I didn’t try this in a real casino yet but often I am right when practice on tele. There’s two problems though. It takes quiet a while to wait this ‘sync’ moment so ‘no more bets’ and in case dealer spins very slow rotor speed, I cannot predict nothing. If there’s not much time left for betting, I would concentrate on ‘zero spiel’ or ‘zero with neigbours’ because That would cover some numbers by just calling the dealer in the last moment.

Please I would like to have some input.


Read the forum first. There are enough info to answer your qwestion.