SH new MK7 Valstone Demos

I saw SH demo on the MK7 Valston
since i am a neutral party,
i would say its quite impressive

any comments?

Whatever you say steve.

check my ip
you are paranoid!

I looked something recently; it looks ok especially if it’s compared to his previous videos. After so many bad experiences problem is that nobody trusts Stefano.
Jafco is screwing him with his videos so he had to add notes ;D
2 marketing strategist fighting for market who will make better video to convince people to buy.

About that Velstone Track…

Really, there’s not much difference between wheels with the Velstone tracks and the wheels without it. It’s just an up sell gimmick. The only real benefit is the track will last longer before cracks or craze appear.

On a Standard Huxley Mark Series or Saturn: The finish that is currently on the ball track is a rigid Polyester finish mixed with a small amount of Alimina Trihydrate, the blend is sprayed over the top of hardwood.

On a Huxley Saturn with the Velstone track: The Polyester layer is much thicker and there is a higher percentage of Alimina Trihydrate and pigment added. Essentially, both wheels have the same finish and both finishes are basically just as hard. The main difference is the thickness of the finish, and the presence of a pigment. You certainly can’t compare Velstone to granite. Velstone is basically what most people have on their counter tops and bathoom sinks. A little different blend, but very similar.

You’re still going to find that there is a strong ball decay shudder and chatter on the Velstone tracks when the ball slows, but the track won’t develop craze or large cracks as quickly.

On average, both tracks have very similar ball decay times and can still develop the dominant ball drops. Some of these wheels have a dominant drop straight out of the crate. For some reason, Huxley’s just doesn’t polish the tracks out as smoothly as the Borgone Wheels. However, the shudder effect does somtimes help create a more random effect that is more difficult to predict if you’re looking for a linear ball decay.

If you’re looking for a ball decay speed that appears more linear in nature, then you should look at the Borgone Wheels. They are real woods tracks, but the tracks are a better quality than the Huxlye’s because they have a better shape and have a smoother surface. It is, however, much more difficult to see a sharp drop off in the ball rotation speed than it is on a Huxley.

In short, dont’ fret. Velstone isn’t much of an upgrade, it’s just a finish.


Thats detailed
snowman :smiley:

for the past 6 mths, i had been actively looking for a used huxley velstone or cammegh connoisseur to practice my DS (my casino uses cammegh classic, connoisseur, mk7 velstone with low frets and mk7 velstone with scallop pockets).

My experience is this,
for cammegh wheels (they mentioned garnite track, wonder whats the difference between granite??), the ball travels slower and lesser revolution than the velstone. the track has a lower height than velstone thus immediately provides a good support when i place the ball onto it before i hit.

The velstone’s track is slippery and high, and sometimes in order to place to ball onto the track, there will be delays to get a good support.

and also cammeghs has lower frets than huxleys which means during a slow wheel turn and a medium force spin, the ball will travel more pockets then huxleys (scallop pockets huxley is another story…)

Through, Steve had offered me the older cammegh with the metal track and 16 diamonds (which will be modified into 8)

but i was quoted Australian dollars 5,500 which i feel is too expensive for an used old model cammegh which may not guaranteed the same feel as the cammegh i am using now. He says as long as the integrity of the ball track is maintained (the metal track is lasting and provides unbiased drop zone), the mode of practice in DS is the same in other wheels)

anyway, there are places selling old mk7 with a reasonable price. well, i never try a mk7 before, but if is not much of a differece with the velstone, i may just give it a try. any advise snowman?

PS: I had seen spins on mk7 in the net, comparing it with the velstone version, it seems that the velstone version travels 5-8 revolution more…?

Anyone with good experience with these wheels, please comment :slight_smile:

I don’t see the ball really traveling any further on the Velstone. At first, maybe a little, just because the track is newer. Most dealers aren’t shooting as hard as they can anyway here in the US. It slows the game too much. On the busy games they are still shooting 15 and 20 revs.