Semyon Dukach, Blackjack Card Counting

I like this video, Semyon Blakjack basic strategy.
Card counting techniques, I think he is the guy who trained one of members here which managed to win significant amounts. We have notes in forums support section.

Forester, unfortunately video is no longer available…

Heres a video of him that works and here is part 2

have somebody the DVD from hin with the basic system? i want to buy

email me

Sound interesting.

Does not all blackjack tables today shuffle cards randomly or does it still exist shoes as in the old days?

Semyon Dukach, his work is really good.

Shuffling, most machines but some are manually.

In 2000 Shuffle Master introduced the first Continuous Shuffling Machine (CSM) for the game of Blackjack. Their machine was called “The King” and its main purpose was to help the casinos foil card counters. In fact the ads for Shuffle Masters Continuous Shuffling Machine proclaimed, “The King continuous shuffler is the card counters worst nightmare.”

So does card counting still exist with no random shoes ?

Here in Detroit area casinos, the Shuffle Masters came in about 10 years ago but then disappeared a few years later. With these machines, the “count” is always neutral, or zero. Sure, the handful of card counters in the area were thwarted from playing, but the bosses found out that tens of thousands of BJ players do play very sound basic strategy (which is a static matrix of decisions based on “a count of zero”). The Shuffle Masters perpetuated this neutral circumstance and eliminated highly negative counts, which is where most players lose more money. The basic strategy players were losing less money because their play was more correct and the house edge was held at a constant -0.6% as opposed to up to -5.0%.

At least this is a theory that I developed. :slight_smile:

When I asked one of the bosses about the SM, he simply said: they were clumsy, expensive, and the cards had to be replaced more often.

Now a days they just use regular shuffler machines, with shues and discard trays, 8 decks and the penetration is only about 50%. The high rollers only have to contend with 6 decks. ???

Seymon and heard many others say that the machine isnt really all random…
Easier to understand i can say that it like starts shuffling the second half - the one you’re supposed to know after counting
But there are still lots of shoes because even some casinos that had machines for a while returned shoes back in order to bring back players

The machine of shufflemaster the One2six most common in the world ,
shuffles in the point of view of counting and shuffle tracking random.
When the dealers insert the cards instantly.
The more cards stay outside in the track, the more counting is possible,
but it has not much gain, what is counting only one deck, useless.

And the cards that have been inserted could come out in the next round,
they mustn’t stay in the compartments for longer.

I have many experiances about that.
The only way to beat the 1-2-6 is by sequenzing, I did that , you must remember
many sequences of cards and always the new ones too.
The gain is about 2% , not much and there are big flux.

Sequenzing at handshuffled cards is much more gainful, it depends on the shuffle,
about 5 to 8% in my home casino.

But if you find good opportunities in VB , VB is better , less flux , you get the money
faster from the Casino.