Searching for Roullette Spins on DVD

Hi, hope i am in the right sub forum for my question.

Does anyone know, where i can get certain roulette Spins on DVD for VB studies at home ? (like laurence, bob gordon etc.)

Does anyone have some dvds of roulette spins for sale?


I would recommend to go to Youtube, it’s not the best but
the first step.

Go to:

  1. Kesselgucken?1
    2.Goals of the century
    3.real skill visual Rl. system
  2. Roulette Dealer spins, Jafco
  3. Winning Roul. Syst., Jafco

and there you find more.


Look there with a thumber and train to find the
last 5th, 4th round and to predict where the ball
hits the Diamond. 8)


Are you looking for 0 or double 00 spins?

Excuse me Mr. Bear , that I answer, IMHO whether 0 or 00
is not so important, it’s for exercising to make predictions
at home.

Good visible videos, because I am interested too.

regards E.H.

While going over some past posts I came across this thread:
that Viper did. It has good video footage. I’m trying to catch up with forrester in chat to run a few things by him. Stay tuned.