Scheduling for battle?

Hello Guys I am about a 3 week old forum member who are taking huge advantage of knowledge and experience from all of the great members in here .

As I have been going to Casinos sometime makes me wonder if I go to casino too often or its normal

and for me to going to casino is just watching a wheel not playing since I am not yet reach the point to ready to play .

1.If our forum members don’t mind , can you share your experience about how often do you guys going to casino ?

best regards

I play a lot when got free time and good wheel . At least 20 days a month , 6 month / year.

The best camouflage is playing the game.

Pretend that you’re a system player waiting for 10 reds or blacks in a row.

do you mean by collecting the data for which DD hits the most as well as the ball jumps ?