I purchase from direct from him he mail me apk of the app and i try the app but not working I get result out of 10 out of 3 win and it’s 22numbers I have to bet what a bullshit and I pay him 200$ I got scammed

If any one want to try I will provide you pm me
Don’t waste your from buying from him u get any profit from his app u can donate me some you like to donate …

lol you can download the app for fee from other websites

What’s the fuccc where ?
I pay him 200$

Apps are generally a dumb idea.

Why did you buy an app when there’s so much good info on this forum. A scary amount of good info.

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Yes I know that after I purchase and I find this forum after purchase

Hey friend Im new to this site I was scrolling and saw your comments on internet complaining about the roulette 19 I get download it for free lastnite without buying it and I try it ,it work most time I play fun money and win $149 starting balance $1000. I play on global live roulette lastnite, I will have to still try his app to see if its bad as u say but I was winning in 3 or 4 spins

It doesn’t work.

Ok I will try it back tomorrow to see how effective it is as u say it dont work and then I will post results


Golden grill what’s happened you dindt reply?

Didn’t try it back yet bro busy working, when I get time,but did u ever try Adrian buzan is he real or fake??

no i dont know about him