Roulettesolution bias software

What you thing over :

Looks ok , as a program for bias tracking.
trying it for 3 days $4.95 seems as a good price.
If you do make sure first you have data from the wheel then see what it can do.

This is a nonsense or luck of understanding.

[b]"The Roulette Table will NEVER be Defeated Without Detecting and Using the Wheel's BIAS."[/b]

But at least he is not another one who
is trying with mobile phone to simulate the roulette computer.

I watched the video.

Nicely made video but it’s more a toy then a serious program.

To detect bias he needs minimum 75 numbers wondering what can be detected with that.
Obviously it’s only to make it more attractive.

Another problem is numbers need to be clicked, instead copy and paste data.

Main problem is he the data is not properly analysed, so the user can see bias strength also it doesn’t have any additional parameters to be entered sonumbers can be better analysed. But if genuine winner system with same inputs can claim winnings I do not see a reason why he can’t.

He made a nice video and program, what he needs is an expert in bias to configurator it so it has meaning. But bias experts do not care for such programs XL does better job. :-X

To detect bias he needs minimum 75 numbers wondering what can be detected with that.

Random fluctation is what he can detect - nothing else - who would take some one serios to make such a claim.

What does Roulette Solution do with the spins I enter?

Roulette Solution displays a list of the spins you’ve entered, with the total number of spins at the bottom.

It assigns each spin a value, and performs some unique mathematical calculations.

And once you enter at least 75 spins, it calculates the wheel’s bias, and shows you a list of numbers. These numbers are the most likely results for the next spin—the best numbers to bet on.

As you continue to enter more numbers, the software’s analysis—and its predictions—will become more and more precise.

Another genuine winner for $5. :wink: