or as a roulette forum

I managed to move most of posts to
Wanted to use it as a support forum for FF’s. It would be easier since once person registrants there he would have access to shop, forum, comments FAQ’s or even to write articles. Bu it looks to me nobody is interesting and still prefers to use this forum. Of course I can enforce it by writing all new support posts only there but that might not be the right choice.

For someone not long enough here, without many details there was only with Mostly because some sick people complained why I let people talk about their product on forum, I separated the forum, ending up with two sites. The problem is it’s impossible to integrate users at both sites so double registration is required.

I have tried the new site Forester but I much prefer this one sorry.

Maybe I am too old and set in my ways? waahhh


I agree with Mike.
I also prefer this forum, more practical than myrulet.

Ok then we change it when Mike retires from roulette :wink:

OK thanks Forester I will leave your tip in my Will.