Roulettegod - know somebody this system?



a friend send me the link from roulette god !? visual balistic system.

is someone here who knows this system?

personaly i think is not so good, not good demonstration… no good facts


I sou publicity for it, but nothing impressive if not the amount of manipulation tricks that seller does… good example of somebody who knows how to sell. It dont gonna work for somebody like people here, but for somebody without knowing its wery persuasive! I almoust clicked on buy now option :o


My problem is …i am interesting in "all what is roulette"
so maybe i will buy for my archiv;-))

if somebody have this system here … maybe we can make a business for copy…PM me


Here is the link to the site …


;-( is same as masters visual roulette system … or javco…similar


Thanks for telling us about this …



Hi everyone

Just wanted to know is there online roulette software or hacks that actually work ?