Roulette Websites and Calculators

Hi everyone

Here are a couple of web site references that allow you to download some of the fanciest excel spreadsheets for roulette simulations and testing that you could imagine!

Go to the bottom of this first one and download all the zip files below…
Excel simulators - last update … January 30, 2006

Go to the middle of the left hand box on this page and download…
(Latest update:
June 25, 2006)

Have fun and let me know if there is anything better than these available anywhere in the world because I doubt it!


But that is for system players or i missed something.


You didn’t miss anything you are correct that these web sites are for system players but even “intelligent” players should be aware of the dedication and skills of some of these poor unfortunates!


Mike, there are more fancy and useful things out there… lm working with a person called “MrPerfect.” from roulette forum 30 right now… his software is a top. Unfortunately he doesn’t share, but it’s functionality is avaliable for his players. You could try to contact him, he is very arrogant, but l can see that he has reasons for his too much inflated " selfimportance".

Shotman MrPerfect has been banned from this forum for talking garbage and sharing fantasy stories.
The reason hes not welcome here because we know physics and he does not know physics with the correct understanding. Be careful with who you trust at public forums, MrPerfect is a troll and trolling roulette forum 30.

Now you know.


[email protected]
He helped me to make my very first roulette win. I won money l spent on his lessons back in 90 minutes of a real casino play and by this qualified to buy his roulette computer… instead of charging me, he sent it to me for free as a present and even payed a postage himself. If he is a troll, l wish all trolls being like him.

I don’t remeber MrPerfect.

Forester it is Sergiey and he use the name Mr Perfect.


Oh yeah, I remember him well! Once he told me that I needed a dentist when we’ll meet one day. He is Mr. Bullshit , that’s the right designation.

Ok not need to talk old stories, here is forum and all can write what they think. If will ban every which will say different - such forum not have future. Other side is inteligency…

No, I am not angry at all about him! He will go to jail, if Iwould need a dentist, it’s easy as this.

He is arrogant… not easy to deal with. Waiting for his rc to come for Christmas. If it’s half as good as his vb, l will try win back all money l lost in roulette back.

Shotman what do you mean by as good as hes VB he copy VB2 that is from this forum board.
And now he call it or name it VB3 as it would be hes own creation, simply wrong.

I am being polite and don’t think you have won using any of hes methods.
If you did is was just luck and how do i know?

Well i only have to read what has been written to understand what is garbage and what is not.
If you have a different opinion you can ask Forester to get into the Vb2 section and read for your self and make comparison between VB3 fantasy world with Vb2 the real thing.

I am very sceptical that you will receive a real working roulette computer from Serigy this Christmas.


Lucky_strike, vb3 is not a vb system, it’s a software. I think you do not have it. Sergiy doesn’t share his software, he uses it to create “prediction model” for his players based on data they collect.

Well i could not find the topics at VB2 section where he write about VB3 in this forum where all the fantasy stories begin before he got banned. The forum has been modified and lost many old post.
I will not argue any more and just let you do what you think is best.
One good thing is that you find myrulet.


If you search VB3 you get posts listed, and conversations ,

here is one where his explanation cant justify any valid point.

Thank you Forester, it was interesting reading. I understood a bit more historical logic how he had this idea.
It’s not a new method, as vb2 it relay on linearity. But has additional features that provide more info to the player that uses it.
Software itself is a simulator for many spins where rules of ball reading are determined for " sample spin " and then tested for different kinds of spins ( throw/ decceleration) individually and in bulk.
Different rotor speeds are tested for best “curve fitt” and resulting dispercion/errors.
RC just arrived. I tested a bit on jafco video. Results are interesting. When ball fall as expected, it often strike the point or very near. It has very simple user manual wich is easy to understand.
I’m going to practice some more before taking it to casino because l would like to be sure about my capability of using it.

Jafco videos are low quality, you’d better watch my videos:

Thank you. Very good wheel