Roulette tilt on a ship

Most cruising ships have at least a small casino onboard. And even the largest ships move slightly with the waves when at sea. So roulette wheels at sea must always be tilted!

I wonder if this would be useful. The tilt is for sure large enough to affect the game. The problem is that the tilt shifts continuously in direction and strength. For all practical purposes, such shifts are random.

I guess that this does not help the player. A tilt must be constant or predictalbe to be useful, doesn’t it? On the contrary, maybe, changing tilt eliminates the all possibilities to exploit a tilt. A tilted wheel could be exploited when at anchor, but would behave purely randomly when at sea.

So maybe it would be an idea for land based casinos to use random tilt in order to eliminate their tilt problem! Instead of trying to make their roulette wheel stay perfectly balanced, they could make them wobble slightly and randomly by design.

Gee Rollo, don’t offer any suggestions that help the Casino! :slight_smile:

I once had a very biased wheel and when the Casino realised this they sold it to a cruise ship in the Caribbean and my money tap disappeared.


Did you hear about RRR units?

Usually it doesnt work. Its simply too unprecise, i have had opportunitys to play on 3 different ships here in Scandinavia and although there were a tilt you couldnt define where it was for the moment.

The ball would on ocasion suddenly decellerate as if it ran into a wall (which to me looked liked it suddenly had to run uphill) at other times it suddenly accelerate (where it had a speed where it was supposed to drop) as if it ran downhill.

I couldn`t do anything at those tables.

I noticed they still play the harbour days :lol: