Roulette strongly Tilted Wheels


Hey there!
This is my first post, and I have been practising VB for about 4 months now.
I thought I bring up a question on tilted wheels, wheels that have a clear dominant diamond. I read else where that tilted wheels are really rare these days, is that true? If I was to go through a casino what are the odds of me finding a tilted wheel? If it helps the local casino for me is crown casino Melbourne, don’t know if anyone has had any experience there.
I was asking because a tilted wheel is the only way for VB2 to work, so no tilted wheels no results.


I didn’t see strong tilt, but you should be aware of 2 ball kinds they use there.


They have 2 balls? How do they differ?
So would VB2 have any results on these wheels?


Balls make different jumps, one is far better for predictions (it is a bit shinier on surface still the same size).
I don’t know about VB2, I think I played on one wheel but forgot what happened.