Roulette Spins on DVD

Hi guys,
I thought some of you might be interested in a DVD package of real roulette spins on a full size casino roulette wheel that I am about to release.
The amount of spins on these DVDs is equivalent to 48 hours of non stop casino play.
Many variations of spins, wheel speeds, directions and ball sizes are used throughout the recording, so this is a fantastic tool for anybody that is serious enough to consider making roulette a source of a second income.

No need to stand in a casino watching the wheel, you can now do it in the comfort of your home.

I regard this package as a ‘Must Have’ for anybody that is considering placing a single bet in a real casino.

The site is at:

If at first you don’t succeed, look at it from other angles

Thanks for the link Bob,
It might be good for some development, but some things must be done in casino. If it is your site it would be helpful if you have picture of actual spin. Is it recorded straight from top or with angle where ball is not viewable all the time?

It is recorded from above so that the ball is veiwable all the way.
It is a modern 8 diamond, low fret, John Huxley of London wheel.

A 1 hour sample DVD has been posted to you.

Large Ball, Tilted Wheel.

Let us know if your strategies are able to beat these spins.

Thanks Bob,
I appreciate it. If spins are good quality I will recommend you to everybody.

I do not know is it leveled wheel or tilted wheel, but whatever it is I have the way. If it is scalloped wheel then result may not be the best.

It is a standard low fret John Huxley - not scalloped.

I don’t know how many ball revolutions you require to test your strategy, I think I read somewhere you need up to 20 revs each play.

Ididn’t concentrate to much on very fast ball spins, so that more results would be obtained.

Let us know one way or another, I am sure you will be able to adapt your device for less ball revolutions, which is quite a common thing that advantage players come up against.

If you have about 20 ball revolutions it is very good.

I already know results because I have tested it on 500 spins, on kitchen table and many spins in real environment. I may need your DVD’s for further development and it is good if you have sorted spins by wheel speed.

I think that I am out of game with selling of systems.
I increased prices simply because I do not want to sell it any more and next month I will double it. Which device from all available on market is the best I will let to people to choose probably in between Mark and Stefano? For me it does not matter I can take last place.

For you and anybody else interesting in devices to predict roulette.
If you have device that predicts 1:35 (just slight advantage) you may sell it. Because playing and winning is not fun it takes much time and practice.
If you have advantage 1:30 you may still do the same. It is good system and it can be profitable. But what if you have system that gives you chances 1:1. Would you sell it for few hundred dollars? I do not think so. Well I do not have 1:1 but somewhere in between 1:30 and 1:1. And I leave for you to imagine where could be the edge to make me think this way. On top of that it is not only the edge that counts but also practicability safety of applying it in real environment.

This is good forum, maybe not the most active but there is no B/S. If your spins are good as it should be you are welcome to advertise as much as you want same as anybody else with good product.

If someone wants to ask question about roulette he is welcome and his question will be answered with logical and honest answer. Not just about my systems but anything in general. To avoid stupidity and to stop people abusing forum I start monitoring registration and asking for membership payment. It will be less work for me, safer and higher quality of posts. Therefore I will not answer emails with questions any more to not registered members of forum. I am pretty much socially oriented but for some things user really need to pay.

Did the DVD arrive Forester?

Bob, 2 days ago I checked it and there was nothing in there,
Last night there was a card for passel but I am expecting few more things to arrive, it was late and I could not pick it up. I will check today or tomorrow again.

I got it, i will play with it and cntact you shortly, thanksa lot.

Let us know if your strategy is able to be used against such spins and if so how it performs.

Ok 1 straight hit every 5 spins. After publishing results I had 1000 orders.

Only joking. I do not have time to do it right now but I will do it soon.
I only briefly looked DVD.

I think that spins are good and valuable material. When I finish all DVD if you do not mind I will make link from to your site and highly recommend your DVD’s.

Thanks for trusting me and sending me DVD, but I insist to pay because material is very valuable to me. The fact that I want to promote it is different, I promote anything that may be good for readers of my site and that is my choice. Therefore I will contact you shortly to arrange payment and to get other DVD’s.

I‘ve seen that you have some problems at VIP.
If someone is skeptical about DVD’s you can refer him to me or this post and I will confirm that DVD is ok.
Consider using Paypal for international payments.