Roulette Player breaks the table bank

G’day Guys

On Thursday afternoon I was playing a $1 minimum table at Crown Casino Melbourne where the small value wheels have a side by side Zero and Double Zero. (Only reason I was playing that table was because it is the nearest to the Tote and I had a good bet in an upcoming race.)

The player next to me cashed $100 into coloured chips and bet it all on the two zeros number 2 and number 3. #2 came up so he increased his bets to the table max ($40 on a straight up) and #2 double spun. Again he placed his bets to the max and #3 came up so same again and #3 double spun and the following spin #2 showed for the third time. He had also added a $100 chip to the #1-#3 street so was pocketing 11 blacks when these #2 and #3’s showed.

By now he had most of the black $100 chips and all his colour of course.

So then he added the max bet to the split on #25 & #26 and #25 came up followed by a zero. They paid him with green $25 chips and he had all the black and all the green when a #00 spun and they couldn’t pay him. After about 15 minutes and lots of discussion between the expert Croupier and a dumb Supervisor they agreed to pay him in another set of coloured chips while they waited for new black chips to arrive and a spin or so later he had all of the second colour and they paid him out with a third colour!

He took a couple of pictures with his cp of his chips on the table and the Number board while we waited for them to deliver the chips and reclaim his two extra stacks of coloured chips. He then proceeded to loose the remainder of his first colour and bade them farewell with what I estimated to be pockets bulging with more than $25 thousand dollars.

Not a bad one hours play on a $1 double zero table.

I have never seen that happen in all my years of play at more than 50 Casino’s around the world.

I cashed in for a $250 profit and checked that my horse ran second dammit.

Anyone else have any similar experiences?


This night random drunk dude was betting some numbers in third dousen. … 5-6 numbers at the time. It was looking like he could not loose at all. His friend was pushing him out of betting terminal, but the dude was putting 50 pound notes inside the mashine and keeping out to cash tickets of more then 1k after 2- 3 hits. … he had hand full of these tickets already.
Dude left with 30- 40 of these…
Was nice to see that not all gamblers loose, some aparently know when to cash out.

Hello Mike, what a story, cheers