Roulette Obsession

Hello forester i want to ask you some questions because i presumed you are the indicated person.
all the roulette computers needs tilted or semitilted wheels, or if i use it in the correct form can i have an advantage over the roulette ?If i can have an advantage :what percentage is it ? 1:35? 1:28? 1:20?
I dont want a miracle , only i want is an advantage on a leveled wheel.
My case ,i know is difficult if not impossible because : Here in argentina the wheels are leveled, they dont have dominant diamonds and dominants drop points the rotor speed is about 2,5-3 s, they change every day the wheels and the parts of its( a few years ago i find a biased wheel here, but nowadays they change it all).the jump of the ball is not constant , it can be of 5 pockets, or 18, or 12 pockets to the other side of the ball, the ball makes scatter sometimes.The wheel have 12-14 diamonds , they dont use to make clock and anticlock shots, they make only clockwise direction shots, and they dont change the balls ( other diameters).
I ask you that because i know the computers are for semitilted wheels but i want to know if i can have any advantage, or maybe i want an advice of a person that knows about this theme better than me.
The roulette is an obsession for me, and i spend nights and years to develop a form to beat it…thank you very much for your future answer…nico

I know some among the AP community that claim they can get a small edge playing level wheels …
Maybe E2 can be something for you …

Hi, I am not Forester, but just here.
Also levelled wheels could be beaten, for example a Cammegh with
8 Diamonds, also an elder Cammegh with 14 Diamonds.

In a nutshell :

You should get some abilities , 1. recognise the rotor speed, 2. recognise a point where
the ball makes a certain distance to the end of the coup.
make statistics of that, develop a standard coup of that certain wheel and ball
( be careful the conditions could change at the table within some time but could
come back , that’s the reason because most fail= lose money )
------------------ mix it in the right way and ready.

consider : [b]1. the kind of launch of the ball ( dealers signature )
2. rotorspeed
3. the kind of ball rotation ( dealers signature )
4. observationpoint
5. the bounce of the ball

[b]Then watch Vipers 4 videos , change it to levelled wheels , look above for that.

And exercise, exercise, exercise, develop an own system like they made by help of
the “Monte Carlo principle” to find out the censorius mass of Uranium for the A-bomb,
I hate the bomb, but in the moment I have no other well-known example.
[/b]The only difference, you should find out more than common in what pocket the ball would drop.


Thank you very much elhombre and lucky strike for your answers.
I know the e2 system and its very clever ;), if i can have an advantage playing it, i will master it, its difficult to apply on a casino environment, but i will practice it.
The ff’s come with a e2 mode? because it is very difficult to measure the rotor’s time on head only and i presume it is not precise, the other complication is the speed of 2,5-3 that make any error very big, is not so?
I have practice visual balisic and vb2 , and sometimes e2 with videos on the net, , in the jafco’s youtube videos they are easy because the wheel is most time constant, very tilted, and it likes like a dealer signature, on marks howe and the other hourmozis scamer the view is worst, because we can not find a tilted wheel like these never in the life jaja. In the videos of forester i can not make good predictions, i dont know the reason, maybe the wheel is not very tilted for me.
This is the best site to learn advantage play with roulette, and i will apreciate very much your answers ,and recomendations for my case, thank very much…nico

HAHA… thanks, I couldn’t resist to highlight it.

What surprises me that some people still using E2 and according to what they say they do reasonably well. Accurate timer is needed and since I didn’t play it for looooong more likely time longer than 4.5s would be required. It is because new wheels have smaller ball deceleration.

Good roulette computer can predict leveled wheel but the player has to understand what and when it is possible. There is no point in predicting it 10 rotations before then the ball drops since the advantage wouldn’t be recognizable. Reasonably recognizable advantage is possible 5-6 rotations before then the ball drops.

What is reasonably recognizable advantage?

Imagine you are predicting and the ball drops on rotor with accuracy of 1:30.
So it looks something as this. You predict the ball will drop at 12 o clock but it drops anywhere form 7-12 and 12 -5. Only not at 6 o’clock. Theoretically if you play on long run you may have an advantage but in reality there is no chance. Since the ball can drop almost anywhere your prediction may change (most likely) so instead 12 you may start predicting 3 o’clock and the ball for so many spins stops everywhere but not opposite of 3. You may play 100 or more spins and not be aware that you are not playing with an advantage.

If you are playing and the ball most of the time drops within 12 pockets from what you were predicting then you can be more confident that you are still predicting on same way and that nothing on the wheel has been changed. If something is changed you can spot it faster. Rest is a matter of adjusting for ball jumps assuming it is not to wide distribution.

For same reason Genuine Winner system that Stefano was selling few years ago didn’t work.
Genuine winner or similar roulette systems

Even his computer that he was selling 5-10k was giving random results.


Here red graph shows accuracy of his prediction to point where the ball drops on rotor from his 50 spins he was supplying with the computer. It’s Random but he claims it is 1:28 which is anyway useless. If white graph with ball reasonable jumps distribution is added result is the blue graph and you can see results are below green line which represents point which player needs to start winning.

Why leveled wheel can’t be predicted earlier is because time difference in between ball rotations is very small.
For example 500 ms ball rotation and the next rotation may be only 510. So the difference which represents full rotation 37 pockets + rotor movement is only 10ms. With later prediction for example ball of 1000 ms the very next rotation may be 1180ms. Now the difference is 180 ms, when divided by 37 pockets it is about 5 mms per pocket. That’s reasonable especially when few ball rotations is clocked.

Another problem is wheel quality. The ball speed may be 1000 ms /r and the ball travels 6 rotations then it drops.
Next spin the ball speed may be same but the ball travels 6 +1/4 or even 6 and ½. It is because the ball is never perfectly balanced and shaped, it also doesn’t travel across same particles of dust. Change in distance changes more with earlier predictions of course if the wheel has such deviation in ball traveling distance it makes it harder.

This is good to read.
Understanding roulette wheel and exploiting possibilities,1481

Forester: i have a question maybe a stupid question .
If we records many spins before we play , for example in the first game the ball make 1500 the first rotation, 1510 the second and 1530 in the third rotation, and the ball drops at 12 o clock,
That can help us when in another game on the same roulette , the same day, the ball makes the same speeds at the rotations 1500,1510 and 1530? that means that the ball will drop at 12 o’clock or near , or it can drop anywhere this time?
After that if we know the hit diamond or the drop zone, we must make an average of the ball jump and we will have a zone of the future number to gain a big advantage.
Or maybe two people playing with two ff’z , one timing all the time the wheel and the other playing and timing too, and the news timing numbers processed and transfered to the other to more presicion,

That can help us when in another game on the same roulette , the same day, the ball makes the same speeds at the rotations 1500,1510 and 1530? that means that the ball will drop at 12 o'clock or near , or it can drop anywhere this time?

The ball can drop at different place.

Hello i have another question can i estimate the time with the pulsations of my hand? Have anyone probe it? i have probe it and it is very close . Or Maybe i need to sleep more and dream less

I believe that is the question that only you can answer.

Have anyone probe it?

Not sure what do you mean?

Hello forester i have practiced the E2 and i have some questions.
First i want to know if it can be done in a 3s wheel , on a 2,5 s wheel, or on a 3,5 s wheel.
Now i know for example it is aprox. a 3 s wheel,what time need i count : in the forum it say 4,2s after the ball pass the zero i count and i need to add two times the distance to zero, for example the prediction is 32 , and now my prediction plus two wanna be 19 aprox.Is that correct?In the next shoot i need to time the rotor to make my difference of pockets , that means the same time, its equal, less pockets, i need to multiply these pockets by for, for example less 1 pocket , 1x4= less 4 pockets, if its faster rotor time for example two pockets more, thats mean 2x4=8 more pockets in ball directions.
If that is correct i wanna know the time for each wheel to take if it is a 3 s wheel i think it is a different time for a 4 s wheel, how know i that?
The other question is about the jump of the ball, i think that i have to find a wheel with a ball jump average .
And the other question is wheen i add the two distances to zero and i have a prediction , now i have to add the average jump? is that correct?
How fast or lower rotor velocity affects the jump, and how fast or lower shot of the ball affects the jump.
Thank you very much for your answers, i wanna to learn more about this E2 system,nico

Theory behind E2 is published long time ago. I do not sped any more time with it.

Ok Forester you have a bad day jaj. If you have time in any moment i want to learn e2 but there is only 2 post and i have more questions,thank anyway,nico

I have a great day, posts are 7 years old. If you find it useful then great if not I do not teach E2.

There use to be a video

But it was stored on Google and they do not have it any more.
I do not want to spend time explaining or making a new video.