Roulette male dealers

Main problem with male dealers is natural man’s competitiveness.
Advantage player he sees as an ace, placing late bets and winning,. He takes it personally and tries to stop it to show his domination. It is not so much that he will land ball against you, he will start changing rapidly rotor speed, make spins short or very long asking you to place chips earlier, annoy you with calling NMB earlier, removing your chips etc.

Dealer can help as well, I do not mean here that he will spin and somehow hit numbers you played but he can simply make conditions with smallest possible change. It makes things easier but you still need to have an advantage.
Ones I played with one dealer and won ~$2000, few hours later I was still in casino.
He was coming from his brake to the table and asked me how I was doing. I replayed, really bad and lost it all + lots of my money. (It wasn’t the truth)
He said, do not worry now we are going to change it. And really, he was spinning reasonably constant spins let me have reasonable time before NMB, I was doing my job and won few more thousands. Interesting, for all that time he never looked worried.

In usual my play is very limited, one dealer even says to next dealer to watch me and to give me hard time, or pit boss gets involved. It is not easy to make all games look as a coincidence.

Most people who think they know something play dealers signature, Sometimes I watch their bets, some of them can’t even separate different ball directions, regardless one or the other way patterns do occur.

On some wheels with strong tilt, it may be increased and sometimes with combination of coincidences people do win. Yes casinos are aware of it and some dealers are trained to make ball land on opposite side of section where most chips are. In usual they come to replace dealer earlier then his time is passed, and for better control they spin short spins.