Roulette Machine

Hi all!
Does anybody of you have any experience with roulette automated machines?
I’ve found a roulette machine in one casino that meets the following conditions:

  • Single zero roulette with 16 diamonds
  • It has only 3 rotor speed (random for each spin)
  • Rotor speed does not change at the end of the spin.
  • The last revolution is always 26 seconds from the moment the ball is launched (duration of spin very consistant).
  • After the ball is launched you have 8 seconds to place bets.
  • Pockets are very deep and scatter is virtually zero.

Im no expert in roulette but my guess is that this are pretty good conditions, am I correct?
Has anybody seen similar conditions in a roulette machine?

Thank you for you help!

Hi Bjarg,

What part of the world are you in?


South america ,