Roulette levelled wheel visual prediction system E2 reloaded again

Few days someone asked me if I still have a PowerPoint file with presentation for E2 system.
I found one created in the year 2005, but it was password protected. I couldn’t open it because I forgot the password. Actually, I did know the password but because of protection for editing I didn’t notice it works, so I thought it may be wrong.
I used some program to apply brute force and managed to find the password.
I edited a file a bit to correct mistakes, and here it is.
I searched forum for

E2 system
There are some posts, but video is lost when google cancelled service and used YouTube, also some posts have images missing due to forum conversion to current one.

Anyway here is the PowerPoint presentation for downloading, someone may find it useful or nostalgic :-).
If you don’t have Microsoft Office, you can use free PowerPoint Viewer.

zerdoomE2a.pps (2.2 MB)

Yes, I returned back for maybe 20 years - it was a great time… :slightly_smiling_face:

The idea - to look at how much the ball moves in some time interval and accordingly that decide what is left is perfect.

I long time played by using that idea, but I added wheel and ball speed measurements, because without them - fluctuations are near random…

But with measurements, all is very playable…

Hello . When the ball is falling of balltrack is a good time to take the time and to compare with others shots, and the distance and the diamonds and the jumps. And is good is it always falls in the same place of balltrack or if it falls in the same time. You can see that with videos and maybe you can see more. If the wheel is beatable is always the same the time ball falling from balltrack ( rrs too) but it is not easy ,conditions changes . On manuals conditions changes , and with rrs auto changes another forms .