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Check out this little item of interest - justifiable criticism of The Eudaemonic Pie…enjoy.


If the wheel has tilt, if the ball is not to jumpy, if rotor is slow and if the dealer is on your side I don’t have a problem believing that DS would work. The only problem is too many ifs.

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DS can really work, only as I noticed mostly peoples name as DS only last part of spin and as reference point take last hit before or number from which dealer realize ball. That is not right if dealer realize ball at 0 and ball hits to 17 in two spins but in one it done 15 rounds in other 20 rounds - here are any signature !

If we try to convert one spin to another then we simply must wait 5 rounds in second spin then look to number. If we will be able to convert all spins to one which have the same amount of rounds, then we can have good playing method if wheel speed is about the same. If wheel speed is not the same then maybe we are able to skip some rounds more on faster wheel and some rounds less on slower and this way get about the same distance till ball fall and this way we can get again quite good playing method. Of course many will say that this method is more similar to VB than to DS, maybe , but it is simply method which can learn everybody and which have many oportunities to have edge against some stable dealers.

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The guy who wrote that article sounds like a real dick. I sure wish I could have honestly posted TL;DR. I’ll sum it up for everyone else.

‘Some guys met a dealer who said he can hit 17 more times than random chance. They bet some money on 17 and won a few bucks. But they didn’t follow the dealer around to every table he dealt with their notebooks and recording equipment out to record thousands of spins on this dealer’s ability to hit the number 17. They also didn’t PUBLICLY post these results (that would have brought on all sorts of unwanted from everyone who would have read them) for us all to see and poop all over. So because they didn’t spend countless hours to prove something to me and all the others who are too lazy to figure it out for ourselves, I won’t believe them. Why should I believe their claims? They didn’t even say how much they won! WTF! They act as if their bankroll size isn’t everyone else’s business! The nerve of them…’

Seriously? That’s your argument? Well then, I guess everyone who doesn’t give me their bank account numbers and PIN numbers is completely broke, because I can see their money. I swear, DS skeptics are the biggest bottom feeders in the roulette social hierarchy. It’s such a painfully easy thing to prove. If you say it doesn’t or can’t work you are either too stupid or too lazy to figure it out. If this idiot spent as much effort watching spins as he did writing that god-awful dribble, maybe he’d have an answer or two that would actually prove some relevance. I’ll bet he has other articles explaining the impossibility of velcro.

BTW, if you still aren’t convinced this writer has the brain the size of a rat’s testicle, read the part where he insults the dealer’s apparent inability to use the 00 as a release reference point as to hit the 18 for the 00 and the 17 when he uses the 0. Otherwise you could bet the 17/18 split and have both numbers covered no matter which green number he uses. Considering you can only hit one number at a time, and you have a dealer ACTIVELY trying to hit one half of the wheel, he ACTUALLY SUGGESTS the idea of betting money on the side the dealer is TRYING TO MISS! Like I said. Lazy or stupid. I’m pretty sure it’s not a tough choice to figure out which one he is.

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