Roulette Grand Masters


So I went to Langebaan to have a look at their wheels and the casino group has a master’s competition. Top 20 on the board at the end of 11th of March goes through to the finals in Jo’burg. Works like this. Pay R100 and you get 1 game which consists of 3 spins. You get R600 in R10 chips ( 3 stacks)

Make as much as you can in 3 spins. Played vb2 and ended with R2630. No 9 0n the board. Hold thumbs. I MIGHT PLAY FINALS FOR R2000 000.00 first price…

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You are lucky if you can get a good position at the table.


:wink: yes that is off course a concern… when I entered yhere was only 1 other guy playing at the same time.

With the finals there will be alot of course… :-[


Well… that was that! :slight_smile:

Off the board for the finals. To get on the board now seems impossible as the guys that are on the board obviously spend 1000s to get 1 or two lucky spins and hit big. Number 1 position R57 010 from R600 in 3 spin! Apparently used R100 blacks and packed on and around 5. Triple spin on 5…

No2 position R26K.

20th and last position +/- R4k

So not going to worry further.


Why only 3 spins.


Why only 3 spins.

Those are the competition rules for getting the finalists. Not sure if they will be changing rules once the finals start.

So you buy in for R100 and get R600 in chips (R10 table)

You can enter more but every entry is R100 (R600 chips) with 3 spins and you cannot combine the entries. So basically no matter how many entries you still only have 3 spins every entry.