Roulette computer test review (Ronjo)

Regarding VLS discussion.

Stefano sent tilted wheel spins to Ronjo, all ball hits are on one side of wheel. And 2 main dominant diamonds at 12 and 9 o’clock , it is his own saying.

Then claims from 100 spins he got 15 well predicted.

Every a basic computer for tilted wheel with such narrow limits will do it.
That diamond probably got 40% of hits and he predicted only 15.
If 15% spins were predicted it means that time limit where he got ball is very narrow only 15% of full ball rotation width, approximately 25 ms. As to catch the ball with time per rotation in between 1000-1025 ms.

It also means that he doesn’t predict in any rotation and he just managed to make computer as Michael Barnett did 10 years ago. :-\

I asked few questions but none of them were answered. Instead Stefano start talking about court case.
So i just gave up and do not want to be involved.

basic 4 diamond test, is enough for FFZ.
But for computers which talk such as FFA and his computer is not.

It was enough for Stefano’s computer earlier because it couldn’t pass even that.

However basic tilted wheel computer which does audio (needs to know rotor position to be able to call number) will pass it.

Of course for that Ronjo had to change limits since you cant do single spin where you limit computer to only 15% because at the other diamond is different ball speed most likely ~40 ms different.

Imagine rotation is 1000 to 1200 ms and limits were set that way.
We use tilted wheel approach where we clocking ball rotations until we get ball within those limits.


We clock rotor at 12 o’clock. Rotor moves (computer has to calculate movement). At moment when we get ball speed rotor moved lets say 1 rotation. So system predicts lets say zero.

If we move same test to 3 o’clock diamond. We do same, clock rotor, rotor moves, this time we going to get right rotation 1/4 of rotation later. For that time rotor moves only few pockets and system still predicts ~same number.
And so on… with remaining diamonds.

To differentiate if the computer, works as tilted or leveled wheel we need to do a bit more of testing.

After DIAMOND 1 test we still clock rotor at 12 o’lock then we clock ball at 6 o’clock, the system has to predict opposite result. If computer predicts same or close to same (by change how much rotor moves during ½ rotation) the computer works with tilted wheel algorithms.

Computer needs to predict opposite because rotor is clocked at same position, but we know that entered ball speed to computer is by ½ rotations different. So if computer is designed for leveled wheel and accurate it must detect change in ball speed it needs to predict differently. (Only the FF has such accuracy ;D)

In addition since Stefano claims that his computer calculates function, it should do this test with same results in any rotation we predict (4, 5, and 6,7,8,9 … rotations before then ball drops). If it can’t do it then all his previous talk is bullshit. And he just discovered how to create basic program for tilted wheel.

Also testing in different ball rotations should be done even if computer works on tilted wheel principles.

FFA with IQE6 algorithms is the only one computer designed to work on wheels without any dominant drop point.

It all goes back to time when Mark and Stefano were arguing who has bigger head.
Actually none of them did it properly, simply because hey couldn’t since they do not have right hardware.
At least Mark did understand my test from the start, but Stefano still has a problem understanding it.

Stefano is so proud with 15 predicted spins on tilted wheel. (but he talks non sense in usual)

Of course he may increase limits and still got something. But FF predicts very accurately 75% of spins.

On such wheel and good visual player will achieve better results. Look Jefco and his video. So what is the point of using such computer and test if nothing more is explained and when the test is on a wheel with dominant drop point?

Maybe to entertain yourself, spend 5 hours in casino to get predicted 15 spins, you wouldn’t lose much money.

Question someone may ask could be, but can such computer based on tilted wheel calculation predict and leveled wheel?
Yes it can, it its set on very tight limits, as you can see Stefano got it only to 15% where the wheel has strong tilt.
If computer is accurate enough with good timing features and calculation, on such wheel it should get at least 50%.
It is obvious than that he had to narrow limits because of imperfections in timing.

He can’t in same time claim it is dominant diamond and that it gets only 15% of hits. It is obvious that the diamond did get more hits. Even with normal distribution as on leveled wheel vertical diamonds get 20% of hits each.

If the wheel is 100% leveled, computer for tilted wheel prediction with limits of 10% theoretically may still produce some advantage. It means to get 10 spins out of 100 predicted.

Another strange thing is that he eve did not show video on which the test was performed.
We all know that he loved to show it until videos got analyzed by people who understand.

From all description Ronjo did not do 4D test, he even is not competent to notice that he didn’t do it since he has no clue about my test, instead he only did what Stefano told him to do.

Guys this is for you to understand, I do not want to be involved with any discussion with frustrated man.
He is so unreasonable, blaming me for everything that his customers did to him.
Who is long enough here would also know that Stefano is one who was stalking me and my family, and who supplied my full name to casinos and to public.

Just look what he wrote.

"He has no reason to be concerned about a court order. He is not fighting for something like custody of a child. He is fighting for the ability to publish private information about me, and why? Is there any reason for that other than trying to upset me? He doesnt want to publish things directly anymore, like photos of ironing boards, so he gets bago to do that and thinks it's acceptable. He has threatened me for protecting my privacy, saying I am disrupting his site. Well gee sorry forester, have a think about it. Bago and mark are being dealt with by the police in time, but you are a different matter. We agreed reviews would be accepted (because it wouldnt matter with things like ranjo's report and the webcam demo), but all private information removed, but there you are again allowing the very link you said to the judge you only permitted because you didn't know what was there.. also forester, I dont mean to inconvenience you by bringing you to melbourne again, but again I wont accept what you are doing. Would you?"

It think this guy is on the edge of madness.
Nobody gives shit about him so he is repeating and repeating same.

"He doesnt want to publish things directly anymore, like photos of ironing boards, so he gets bago to do that and thinks it's acceptable."

I even never published photo, Bago did and he still does. So how can I make Bago to do what he already done 3 months ago and is still there? Anyway what is not the big issue except that it shows that he doesn’t live in multimillionaire dollar house as he claimed?

"you said to the judge you only permitted because you didn't know what was there.."

He is writing on his forum directly to me even knowing that i am not a member over there.

Anyway it isn’t the truth, I said to judge that link was there because of graph, and genuine public discussion.
Later on pictures were added and Bago removed faces from pictures. I said to judge it is nothing to do with me, but with relationship with Mr. GW and his customers.

Then i shout at him “so why am am here Mr. GW”
And he shut up. :wink:

He is only a hero when he talks to himself.

Stefano already threatened me with his lawyers team who would contact me if the materials i posted at Mark’s website was not removed. I am still waiting for them (around 2 years now)

Now, he wants to call the police. Ok, again i will wait, i will need extreme patience lol.
Stefano has a big scammer mooth.

As i previously said, no intimitations or threats will work with me, especially when i know i am 100% right about the crook and can back up my claims in front of anybody.

Stefano can’t do anything against me. Firstly because all i write on my website is accurate and again i can show authentic emails to anyone, including to court.
Also, the contracts Stefano sent me involved two parties, and i was the only one to sign the contract. Stefano or another representative from the company Site Promotions PTY LTD, didn’t sign the contract, and to be valid the contract needed to be signed and returned to me.
On another note, i am no longer affiliated with him and his products, i returned his shit computer and he sent me back my original purchase, so the contracts no longer apply. I can talk about it as long as i want to.

Sorry Stefano but i will repeat myself again: you do not scare me at all, quite the contrary, when i read you, it’s like reading a joking story, i can’t stop laughing.

If my website is upseting you, it is not by making threats or bluff that you will have it removed.

The only way is you connect to my personal account with a starting bankroll of 1,000€ and in one week the bankroll must become 30,000€ like you mention in your website and your speech testimonials.
You must prove that anyone who purchase your 2,500$ system can earn a living from it with Online Casinos like you claim.
If you succeed the challenge, it will be publicly recognized that your system is really what you claim it is and that indeed, there is more to it than your free circulating ebook.

Until now, your system has been proven to rely solely on dealer signature approach, which is absolutely obsolete in modern casinos nowadays, and you do not have any other “method” to beat roulette. That would explain why you purchased with a mortage a 300,000$AUS house, and why you can’t do such genuine challenge.

All you have proven for now is you can record a friend saying by telephone that your system earns 30K online and 50K in land based casinos.
Providing screenshots at CWC which can be easily faked with Photoshop.
Shortcuts recorded videos of Online Casino play with unknown starting bankroll, only a winning streak has been recorded just to give the illusion the system wins.
Your 1hour video demo on your huxley shows that you are betting massively at minus 11 pockets from where the ball last landed, again showing that you are using your primordial system which is in your ebook.

You see, i give you an honest chance to destroy me once and for all with this challenge and be so red faced that i would need to disappear forever if you would succeed.
It would be easily done if what you claim is the truth, but my friend, i’ve been your player for a lot of time, i’ve spoken to a lot of your players, and i know YOU HAVE NOTHING TO BEAT ROULETTE.

I hope you will give a positive reply for your honour, but you will again avoid or give a negative reply and i let people decide of the why you decline.

I received another letter for court.
Stefano made appeal against previous court order.
This hearing is in December.
In appeal is written that his complaint is “defendant was lying, and new evidence”.

One is for sure I wasn’t lying, and his new evidence is that Bago posted link to his site.

This guy has no common sense, abusing stalking law which is used only if someone’s property or his life is in danger. It is a family law, only in Victoria it is applicable and to someone who isn’t family. And it doesn’t cost you anything to do it and to annoy someone.

I would expect him to go to civil court but he can’t do it because it costs money.

However even after this appeal he may be responsible for my and court costs.

His objective is only a free shot to try to get order in place so he can complain to my host provider.
However even that has no legal rights, since stalking refers only to publishing inappropriate and threatening material about someone, but it would be hard to explain it to host provider.

How miserable someone can be?

Why does he complain about my website:

I told him it would be removed as soon as he backs up his claims about his roulette system that is supposed to earn anyone a living playing in real Casino or Online, 30K and more per weeks.
The challenge would consist in turning my account from 1,000€ to 30,000€ in one week.

Obviously, it causes him big problems to achieve what he claims on his website. Easier to promote and lie about a product to achieve a 2,5K profit, isn’t it little Stefano?

He prefers recording friends on the phone telling his system is miracle.
Using photoshop to edit bankrolls.
Recording short winning streak videos at online casinos, noone knows the starting bankroll.

What i ask is very legitimate, i do not ask something impossible, only what he claims on his website.

But he back peddles and prefer attacking you to court to remove hard facts that cannot be disputed, it is not good for his scamming business to have all those evidences jumping on his face.

The challenge would consist in turning my account from 1,000€ to 30,000€ in one week.

Dream babe dream :slight_smile:

As it was proven many times before when Stefano promises that he will prove something.
Following his pattern past 5 years it is always same and very predictable.
I’ll list just few examples

He will prove it to PJ, never happend

He will prove it to Viper on a webcam, didn’t happened Viper asked him to show both hands on camera to see clocking and that he simply is not manipulating test, after that results were random.
Stefano claims but before that results were ok, does it really count?

He will prove it to Bago, same happened, couldn’t test what at he was asked to do only pre-set patterns.
He will prove it to Laurance Scott, never happened

Last was, he will prove to Snowman, is current and it happened exactly as I predicted.
One he will never make 30k online. Two he will never supply roulette computer to Snowman for real testing.

In few months he will get another attack how he will prove it.
Same pattern repeats on and on. It’s been 5 years.

Almost forgot, remember all his bragging how he will embarrass me at court in front of judge to prove how his computer works. How stupid was that?

Maybe Saliu was right

" This guy is absolutely insane. It might be that he suffers from multiple personality disorder. He could be also another guy in the lottery field. The same insane behavior. Stefano and his multiple incarnations turned virulently hateful toward me. They didn’t get what they wanted so, what else could he-they do?!

I believe this is what is a criminal nature. Criminals just can't control themselves. [b]Stefano Hourmouzis was paroled after three months of prison.[/b] He was supposed to continue his good behavior. Yet, he founded a bogus company. He sent deceptive emails on behalf of a false company asking for cooperation, even donations. His "company" promised great yields, as they were partners of Australian universities and government agencies!"

Generally i have to remain neutral towards his device because i have never seen a proper test, so it could go either way.

Having said that, i can`t understand why he goes to so great efforts of proving things without doing it properly.

Take the test report for instance. A weak hit rate, the casino log kept secret and the scientist with no name or relationship to steve. I can`t figure out why, unless its because something is a bit wishy washy.

Now a new demonstration for everyone to attend and he offers a video of it to me, but i must keep it to myself. Thats not a problem, i just cant figure out why. Why invite everybody and then play it James Bond style afterwards. As long as the people invited is not on the video i cant see a problem, since the demonstartion is for the public anyway.

I can easyli see why everybody is sceptical and im getting there myself.

PS: He finds things with Ken to be okay and when i see the language he uses on GG i can easyli see why. They are not that far away from each other in that department. It springs to mind that he delayed the on line test because he could see where things were heading with snow. It appears as he didn`t really wanated the test either.

There are a few issues that snow hasn`t adressed when he rejected to be the tester. But im not gonna push anything i just think the issues could have been worked around without putting snow in jeopardy. I too would be reluctant to send my adress someone who had considered selling services to the casinos.

When people seriously questioning his system he answers up to point which he can bullshit after that with more serious questions he banns them. You know that he banned almost all AP players at VLS.

Stefano doesn’t need VLS to learn and to promote AP or perhaps for support, for that he already has a forum. He only needs it to promote his system to find a new sucker.

Tell me which businessmen would do it, spend hours on forum writing rubbish. Make roulette wars, make false reviews etc. I also noticed some kind of mental problem. In many posts he is talking to me directly (not about me, but to me). You know very well that I am not a member on any of his forums or pages he makes.

Now Stefano claims that he never published my name, or Bago’s or Yous… on internet.
Perhaps there might be Bago’s name on scanned invoice when he bought his system which MH have had, but that is different comparing to his name published 100 times on many web pages, together with explanation how he is involved with roulette computers, how he is an idiot, Stefano even wrote that he is doing it so all people can find and read about Bagot just to embarrass him… Obviously Stefano can’t see the difference.

Stefano claims same about publishing my name. It is so stupid, he still got at his forum explanation how my son fond my name on internet at his pages and how he removed it. It doesn’t matter, in everything bad there is and good. After that I worked on improving my VB skills ;D.

Since my explanation may be questionable, when talking about someone else’s product. If you did not know Michael Barnet casino consultant has Stefano’s computer, ask him to tell you about it. He told me it is complete rubbish. I believe he wouldn’t have problem explaining it to you. In addition casinos made an investigation on Stefano, he is considering as a no threat to casinos. He is described only as a self-winding wind mill.

Ask Stefano to publish his promised recordings from second hearing, so you can hear by yourself what the FEMALE Judge told him. How she shout at him, that he should be ashamed of himself. How she rejected all his claims. How she call him an idiot. In one hour he couldn’t bring up a single valid point against me.

Of course he will never publish it because it is so embarrassing for him. Instead of that as in usual he made manipulation published something completely irrelevant from first hearing. Of course and first time he lost, but after hearing we talked. He said all he wants is that I do not publish pictures of his family at my sites claiming it is offensive material for him. I told him no problem, because I never published any pictures of his family.

Also I never published pictures of his wife. Therefore I do not understand why Stefano is winging about it when actually his wife published pictures of herself on Facebook. Mark and Bago only pointed to it. I believe he only got upset when people start commenting how his wife has 300 pounds and when they used pictures to prove things Stefano was lying. (as on Bago’s site) But again it has nothing to do with me.

Interesting is that on second hearing the Judge highlighted to him that even if I publish links to his pictures which are on net there is nothing wrong with it since it is already on internet.

I believe Google does it all the time only Stefano has problem understanding it.

For 5 years Stefano is trying to prove how he is not a scammer and how all people we know who bought his roulette system / computer are stupid. Every few months he start advertising how he will prove, I am wondering who is next. In 5 years he couldn’t find any credible person who can stand behind his claims and do a proper test.

Since Stefano advertising that he is giving computers for free, for partnership, I’ll challenge him again.
Supply it to any person here at forum that has FF RC, if he finds it better he can talk about it as much as he wants and recommend it to everyone. There is no reason why one player would protect my system if he finds Stefano’s computer works well as advertised.

Stand up, or shut up.

24 hours after he announced the new demonstration he announces that everything is booked and that another one will be held in January. No one on the boards has mentioned they will attend, again, i seriously doubt thats the real story. It looks more like a cancellation to me. If there will be a video out of it, i doubt it will show any attendants “because they don`t wanna be seen there in public”, fair enough, but he will again again have a hard time make the rest of the world believe that there were any at all.

Gotta say, it must be up hill working that way around everything.

Oops , tried to edit post and accidently deleted it.

More you observe more you will notice.

It doesn’t matter if it isn’t logical for people who follow, what counts for him is that some sucker may get hooked. He constantly is sending bulk emails buy , buy , buy…

For you it is easy you can switch off at any time, but I had to deal with it last 5 years.

He believes he is in a war, even created some roulette war web sites.

Thanks god I do not have to fight with everyone as he does.

That is the funny thing. For an innocent honest hard working businessman like himself…Stefano surely has alot of enemies.

I guess people are just jealous of his lack of education, his criminal record, his bullshitting skills, his stallling methods, his selling of cheap Java run Cellphones, his turning around of words and his scammer status as No.1 Scammer King in the World… He is a piece of work.

Funny how this idiot sees himself as the only educated person “educating” other people, when he is the only one that believes his own bullshit…

He is the only “Scientist” I know of that graduated at The Hourmouzis Science School of Bullshit energies"

Actually Stefano is a genius…seriously guys. He is a magician…everything Stefano touches changes to shit!

And that is the Toxic truth! ;D

Stefano only does his job.

He tried once again, didn’t succeed as in usual, we have only his empty talks. Who cares?

Who is next Stefano’s tester?
I suggest we recommend Kelly, he lives to easy life.

You will never never know if you never never go.

Easy life ?

I got 4 kids, 3 teenagers and a 3 year old where the 3 year old is acting more mature than the teenagers. You think thats easy :-). If it wasn`t for the monthly trips i would be on a serious case of nerve medicin.

If i was test anything i would have to use a friends shipping adress (just to make sure that we dont have a car, camouflaged as a Google camera car parked on the road filming me mowing the lawn) and A LOT of time. I would use the Excel sheet i used for Marks but with a lot more spins on it. I dont know, maybe one day. As it is i dont really have the urge to spend that kind of time on something i wouldnt use anyway.

Seems to me VB players are furtile buggers! ;D

Well if I do not make comment Stevo will brag around if I do he will brag anyway.

A month ago someone contacted asked for some help.

"it is pleasure to be in your forum , sadly i was administrator of VLS forum and owner with victor but victor was a traitor and sold it to the rubbish steve , i was scammed by steve and bought his system . can you give me access to some of sections as systems ? if you want to talk my messenger is : [email protected]

Thanks and best regards.


Administrator of :

He invited me to his forum and wrote this:
Hi Mero « Sent to: forester on: September 16, 2010, 07:55:47 PM » « You have forwarded or responded to this message. » Quote Reply Remove

Dear Mero…

welcome to my new forum . yes i have wrote you this as i was talking today with Jackal and he showed me your forum . i began the forum VLS with victor and was a hidden administrator there , i have designed it and payed it but victor began to have relation with steve accepting him to post there , so i decided to stop my payment and leave the forum with much others friends . as he could not pay it and after the succes of the forum , he sold it to steve as he can sell himself for some money .
My relation with steve is very bad , i have posted several times his system and showed the people the class of scammer that he is in his own new forum . i have bought hi system before 4 years with 2000$ and lost more than 10k playing it .
3 years ago , i decided to be a member of numeris titanus with others members working with Gamlet to find the key of the roulette and Numeris asked me to open this forum to find persons with human values to help poors and huerfans ,and this is our goal…

Thanks so much and my best regards


I addition he sent me and links that showed all rubbish Stefano supplied to him. Scam.

I made a comment about it, Stefano found out contacted guy offered him to teach him VB and wrote that he told him this.

yesterday Stefano wrote, this:

"So is Addonai. Again, in last 24hrs he sent me:

“Thanks so much for your letter and understanding , I hope that we become very good friends from this moments . really I never have any dobut in your visual ballistic y in your system but I applied it bad and maybe I did not asked you much support.”

“Thanks so much for your letter , I trust that you are a good master in visual ballistic . I never have played or know this casino but if you teach me the way to play VB and when and which numbers to bet I shall prove my luck there . I do not know nothing in VB and I do not know if it is easy or dificult , all that I hope is to recover some of my loses in the wheel and I ask your help to reach it trusting in your capability . if you know the method to play in this casino tellme how to play and what BR I need to play.”

“About posting that you are nbot scammer , I know that people have much misunderstanding , bago as forester have attacked you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I promise you to make you anounce in my forum and tell other players to purchese your system. I can move you much good experience and reputation in all the net and you can stay another years between us because I do not see any reason to leave Steve if players are happies and succefull with you. waiting your reply I send you a warm hugs and best regards”

I do not know who is more stupid here.

I was thinking to myself Stefano is bullshiting, or he even pretending to be Andoani or this guy simply asks for more.

Some people have no understanding, have good hearts , and after paying $2000 for scam they grab for anything they can. After 4 years he is asking Stefano to teach him, he writes how he trusts him and somehow all the others are wrong. He denaes all that he wrote only a month ago.

That was posted yesterday, today I contacted guy and he wrote me this:

"Yes it is true..

I have written this to Steve and he teached me a Visual ballistic system that i am playing now and gives me good profit in .


24 hours ago he is asking Stefano to teach him and now he is writing, it is good and that he won money.
Some people will never learn. VB player you become by understanding and practising. VB learning about VB is free everywhere around, some more help you buy from few hundred $.

What Stefano wrote as a VB is a joke.

I looked casino online he named that he played, you have only time to place bets you can’t play VB you can play only dealers signature.

Four years after he paid $2000 Stefano explained him DS, let’s all be happy 8).

Now, if this guy bought Stefano’s system as he says 4 years ago and had no clue how come Stefano could claim that I was lying and that all his customers are happy and making money , that 6 unhappy customers do not exist.

If with Stefano takes 4 years to learn dealers signature how long it will take to lean GW?

In addition Stefano did not publish everything what I said to the guy. I assume it is deliberately.

In between was
, how come at my forum your IP address once was from UK and another time from Spain. He replayed that he is from one of that countries. In just over 30 days he was logged in 40 min. :o(Somehow I still believe someone as Andonai may exist) Also is interesting, that he wrote to me all bad about Stefano, but I checked his forum there was no single word against Stefano. :o

So after 4 years Stefano explained him DS, and Stefano is so proud of it.

From Adonais writing after 4 years you can see that he has no clue. But it helped me to understand how some people are not as the other people I know, also to understand how people can be scammed with stupidities. It looks to me as seduction of paedophile to the child with promises of nice toy.

What I could tell him, except good luck. I hope he doesn’t lose another 10k as he did with Stefano’s Genuine Winner system scam.

Form all of his imaginary 1000 players that making million Stefano found this guy which has no clue that he even didn’t play VB, as a prove. Not sure how to interpret it.

It remands me to 3 years ago when he convinced Bago to do same.

HEHEHE I think it is time for you to apply for Stest.
What you wrote about demo. I agree it is very quiet, I make RC’s mostly for people who already have it.

Then imagine how many new ones would run to Australia to see demo advertised for 24 hr.

Most of all I do not understand why Stefano is attacking me and writing messages to me.

I told him I am not interested in any friendship or any other relationship with him. Sure he can write about me but not to me.

Wasn’t Snowman one who was testing his computer. And he also said he dosn’t want anything to do with Stefano.

Why wherever someone finds which kind of bullshit Stefano talks, he attacks me.