Roulette computer scam video

Hello everyone,

Steve made a new video about his roulette computer i watched it made a cvomment at
vlsroulette forum, he banned me and removed the post. I was only checking it, wanting to add it to my colection of computers. Obviously as all scammers he can’t handle two way logical conversation.

Here is my comment.

“I gave a small chance to your computer so I spent time watching your video. Now I understand it is useless. You actually showed complete inaccuracy of row predictions.
At stat you said your computer calls risk once every 30 spins but it was after every few spins, that’s annoying but not very important.
First spin you predicted for ball to drop to number 29 but the ball dropped to number 32 it is +8 pockets difference.
Next spin you predicted number 7 but the ball dropped at number 30, -16 pockets difference and so on.
Obviously you are not aware about real roulette computers that can spin after spin predict exactly where the ball is going to drop. You talking about missed ball revolution but real roulette computer don’t miss the ball revolution, it can predict position where the ball drops within a single ball revolution.
Your wheel is old and it sucks you rotor was spinning 6 sec per rotation and on the end of spin it slows down to 8 seconds. It is very slow, even if the computer miss one rotation the difference is small since the rotor moves only few pockets per second. In case of your predictions it didn’t matter much since you were constantly predicting only at specific moment during the spin therefore remaining time until the ball drops is constant. I did read somewhere, you bought it used and tried to fix it. If you can afford, consider getting a real wheel.
Because your computer couldn’t predict ball drop point correctly you tried to make it better spinning the rotor slow. After few badly predicted spins you said you need to spin rotor a bit faster. It doesn’t sound right that someone has to spin rotor faster so your computer can predict better.
Since I already have few roulette computers I could understand exactly what you were doing.
Your beep sound indicated rotor number when in position of the pin 3 o’clock (not so accurately) but real computers can indicate much faster ball when is in particular position. Because it was 3 o’clock it was obvious your dishonesty pretending to not know where the ball is expected to drop. You’ve said that beep the ball can be in any position and the beep indicates rotor number. It only explains how useless the computer is since the ball can drop at any moment from beep and your rotor is in same position each time. For that reason your predicted number doesn’t match the number where the ball drops.
You were spinning relatively constant spins. With a basic dealer’s signature approach and small adjustment for rotor I managed to get earlier and better predictions then your computer so I am a bit confused trying to understand what are you proud with.
At one stage you said you are going to randomize the ball point release, obviously you noticed that your prediction is related to the number where your release the balls.
You managed to get only few accurately predicted positions where the ball going to drop only in the case if the ball hits dominant pin at 12 o clock. Other roulette computers can predict accurately on all pins. There are few videos on you tube you should watch and try to make better video. Other way would I buy it. Your words that your computer can do much more have no meaning if you couldn’t demonstrate even basics of roulette computers.
Keep working, maybe day when I see and like I may buy it.”

You can bann me but please dont remove the post.

Yes, rotor on his wheel is old and it doesn’t spin properly. I remember when Huxley Australia was advertising it on eBay for something as $1500.

It’s Strange for a man who claims to make millions from roulette to not buy brand new Huxley and Cammegh roulette wheel.

Just search this forum or Google for Stefano roulette scam or genuinewinner scam and you will understand it all.

Great post Nikolic! Very well spoken. It’s great to see when people are good at debunking nonsense with the use of good common sense!

Steve banned me at forum and wrote a post in my name to look as I am writing something bad about his competitors. I swear it wasn’t me who wrote anything bad about anyone, that is his entirely distorted mind.

Stefano- Steve is well known for that, you are lucky you didn’t buy his computer, if you complain in that case he may publish all your details on the internet as he did to some other guys. He believes he has right to do so if you don’t believe his computer works.

Obviously he believes he has right on his forum to pretend to be anyone else and to write anything he wants. He was caught cheating like that few time , he was also running a false independent site where he was pretending to be someone else reviewing other systems and giving highest scores to his own.

Man, Stefano was already sentenced 2 years jail for previous scam it is how his mind works, obviously writing posts in your name and discrediting someone else is ok in his mind. I suggest you simply forget and ignore him.

In 24 hours I’ll lock this post, since this discussion is useless, can go forever, and only wasting our time.