Roulette computer opportunity

Hi. I recently came across a country with many casinos where you can use a computer and cheat with ZERO legal consequences. Worst that can happen is to be banned from casinos. It is paradise for cheating in all sorts of ways.

If anybody is willing to teach me to use a computer (I could travel) I will in exchange share the location of this casinos.

Are you in Buenos Aires?looks like it.

It is no secret Im from Buenos Aires dumbass. But that’s not where you can do this. I assure you you will face prison time here if you try something like that.

Well, do you think drug cartels would not sell drugs if you tell them it is illegal? What you offer is simply not attractive, i just have to ask people i know in the professional gambling community and i know where i cam play and it is free!

Lets take London as an example, there are so many casinos there and you dont need to go elsewhere. Hippodrome casino
Empire casino
Baracuda casino
Cromwell mint casino
Crocksford casino
Park tower casino
Palm beach casino
Horizon casino
Aspers casino

Fair enough. I didnt know cheating was allowed in so many countries, I thought this was a rarety.

Even it is illegal, there will still be people trying it, given the consequences is minimal. Around half of the world is legal using it. Why they don’t ban them? Well, it is simply becasue most devices won’t work and people loose money even they use a device and most devices can be countered easily by just calling no more bets earlier and only very few people on earth can beat roulette with or without device!