Roulette computer for bias wheel


Last 2 weeks Brian was here in Brisbane, he is a member from the start of
We spent hours talking and doing some tests.

I learned from him that he tried to develop roulette computer on PDA platform, but without much success.

So I was thinking how about RC that measures rotor speed then stores it together with ball direction and final result for bias analyses.

It may sound good for bias players but I do have problem with it.
I have problem with bias because I will never stand there for thousands of spins to see will I get anything of it which at any time can be changed.
So using RC for hours clocking rotor and pressing switch doesn’t sound as a good solution especially if I would need to have and spy earpiece and radio communication to hear the RC. I may be wrong since I do not play bias. I know that some people before they received the FF did play it so any input from them is welcome.

Personally I would better use device as FFV, FFZ, “metro watch” or Jafcos VIBE, (timers) get time pulses every 2 or 4 sec and define rotor speed by observing rotor movement in that time, then write results on paper.
That way I can track few wheels at same time, no need earpiece in my ear for 1000 hours. All I would need is to take data home and analyze it.

This is based only on my opinion that bias may shift with different rotor speed.


Still in you know where

will get back to forum ASAP

That would have helped me short term here with the new serviced wheel

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man, you are gambler ???


Ok I forgot all about this post and what requirments I had when in XXXXXXXXXXX

firlty i got pen and paper switched off me and told to put my mobile away as I was recording the remaider of the spins with it

I think it would be very easy to programm your device to have say cw and acw data and to give player the best sector and edge

for eample player adds data form cw acw player gets in return SD and could selct SD for single numbers and for sector 2 3 4 5 6etc with SD also

here is also a link for a free download trail for roulette extreme, its basic software for bias it doesnt even have acw cw direction ,but i hope youll get the idea,if anyone downloads it i can send them actual spins from ym wheel in XXXXXXXXX and you can run the spins on autmatic and see the bias take shape very quickly,bias was appeared unedr 1000 spins

just an idea but would be covert and security wouldnt suspect or atleat would keep the player in a low profile

maybe best we talk to snowman on this one as he is the Bias expert here

ok just my 2 cents worth




If I understand right it would be building graphs for every number,
System predict 3 where the ball most of the time stops
System predicts 0 where it stops from that…


Actually no,I was talking more of just trking software,same as software above,but now you metion that is also a good idea

usually in bias and vb are dedly tools when used together

the bias number in many cases are in perfect condition,it usually donating sectors that are defect in some way that creat the plus SD sector,

SO,yes O,is the predicted number but it will have high chance that if it is say a number ring defect that it will travel say 9 pokets plus

this is interesting ,now i hope ive undetstood you this time ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile:


That’s new and interesting. I would definitely like to know more about it.


Basically i got pen and paper removed from me at casino no quistions asked

but if i could input data (spins) COVERTLY as like a simple clik of a siwitch it would be a good soultion(imo) COMPUTER COULD HAVE SOFTWARE INSTALLED TO give player usfull feed back such as SD for sector single number chance of randomnes ,chi-saure % etc etc ,a bit like this free trial for ROULETTE EXTREME

IT IS BASIC BIAS software and have been in touch for them to make some inpmrovements

but something like this could be easily programmed to say the FFA OR JUST a device on its own

any thought Forester


Not sure if I would do it.
Only an idea, since I believe if rotor speed is measured, with every spin, data can be better sorted.

I am not a bias player.


I’m not sure I get it. What would you not do?


make rc for bias play


I’m sorry, but I haven’t been able to follow this conversation. Could you please explain it again briefly?


It was only an idea about computer for bias play.
With final results such computer would have; data about rotor speed and ball direction.


Hi Forester

funnily enough as i was reading your reply I’m on msn with the famous Davey Jones

and this VB bias computer would surely cut down his work load and make it a hell of alto easier VB and Bias are deadly when used to together

OK just our two cents worth ball speed ,rotor speed linked to final number and coupled together with a bias chart, would give player invaluable data

Hey and that’s a fact well,so Secman says :-*


Oh! So that’s how it works? I finally got it. Thanks for the clarification. :slight_smile:


Forester did you gave up the idea developing this RC or are you still curios.
Do you have does parameters that would be needed to do so?



It was only an idea based on assumption that collected data with more precised rotor speed might be valuable.
As you probably know I am not a bias player therefore and I do not need such computer.
If you so not need something you do not work with passion on it .
Fir such computer PDA might be a solution since not high accuracy is required, but mostly data collection.
I have something else on my mind.
Few nights ago I was trying to sleep then bingo; I got an idea for completely new approach for roulette prediction. The idea is as predicting all the time with 4 systems but the system decides which system to select for the final result. More I think of it, it looks more perfect, and especially for taking a true advantage on a slight tilted wheels. ;D


Forester i understand and your new idea sounds great - hmm i have never been so much into RC as you know - but when i read about FF with VB2 i actualy been thinking to buy my first RC to have as toy at home with my new wheel.
I woundering is it for sale now or are you still developing it.



As you could see in the post I’ve made, I’ll be away for some time.
I have 5 more packed ready to go, first come first served, when that is gone you will have to wait until li come back somewhere in September.

FF VB2 is nothing spectacular, it is only simple to use without watching the wheel much.
Accuracy is same as VB2 with perfectly timed rotor. Well truth is it has an additional feature letting you have control of time of prediction.

The new program I am planning to work on is something completely different. I’ll probably have to make it as FFA but as something completely different where upgrade will not be possible. Since I am a fan of FFZ I am thinking how to make it for the FFZ as well. It would be lot of work and I am not sure if on the end al will all work as I believe. If it does it will be real jackpot. I believe I can first make a simple part of program to test it.
FFZ might be good for you, it is an universal advantage players tool.
You can play tilt, level, VB2, you can even set it as timer and use only that, it is small and covert.
But you already know all of that :D.