Roulette computer error corrections in ball timming

I spent some more time with the Acrobat 6 way for correcting roulette players mistakes in timing the ball.
So I made some charts to visually see the result.

Here I picked few spins but shifted them in time, so they do not overlap each other.

Firstly I set the computer to not make any corrections, saved the data then I corrected the set spins and compared the data.

Dotted lines show spins without corrections.
Full lines are when the system makes corrections.

For the next chart form 40 spins, I picked some with high acceleration, some middle range and some with low ACC.

The ACC ranges in the system’s values from -72 blue to 90 red which could be 2 ball rotations difference. We can see it is the slight angle difference marked with dotted lines on the highest and lowest ACC spins.

The Acrobat 6 with defined spins acceleration and control signals with each ball rotations is the only roulette computer program that can help the player to detect the change on a roulette wheel and adapt to the new conditions.

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Does it repair timing mistakes automatically or does this function need to be selected

It does automatic , but i modified the program saved data so i can after check all spins if they end up OK.

And they did :blush:

Yes, in that particular test, when used menu-1. Still I need to test more with menu-6 option.