Roulette computer books

I am looking to buy
Roulette Computers: How to Beat Roulette with Physics - Nathaniel Baca

but its Out-of-print almost everywhere on the internet even on or barnes and noble

Can anyone suggest any alternative to this book or suggest where I can get it?

I dont think you need that book. You are at the best place already. There is enough info at this forum to do it with or without computer.

I m sorry to say this but unfortunately there is everything except the source code for the computer. The book promises that it has it. Not just the book but I also tried at but no reply to my emails!!!

There is everything in theory here but nothing on how to practically implement it in a computer device!

Im sorry to tell you this, but on description of the book it sayes that code is entended to work on mobile phone, that is not reliable cos of timings and stuff. No computer gonna help you if you don’t understand what its entended to do. Computer is only usefull as timing calculator, rest of work you will be required to do by yourself. If you cannot do it by yourself without a comp, no comp gonna help you. Save yourself some time and lern vb. Then, if you can code, you can do comp by yourself or use Forester one ( its a good one that works). Im not attack you, just trying to help. I wasted lots of time with working device, but without understanding of what is required from player. Make a home work, then, if you want, buy Forester comp, or use no comp at all.

Thank you for your reply

Yes, I understand what you are saying and I agree that computers are only useful as a timing calculators however I was looking if there is anyone in this forum who might suggest some good material to read on computers. I know its all in the forum but I am amazed that there is nothing much printed on roulette computers and roulette physics and lot of work misleading work printed on roulette systems etc.

Imagine you already did all the work nessesary to understand and beat the game… would you share? Here you will find enough tips to progress your work. When you arrive there, you will understand why its important to maintain it secret

hmm that could be one of the reason :slight_smile: