Roulette Clown's Video


You might say I despise roulette scammers, my feeling is they should be exposed and driven out of our great game, eventually they will find some other occupation like robbing old ladies to occupy there time instead of trying to rip us off.

Just seen this on YouTube today,

It’s Mark Howe/Mark Howy/Mark Anthony Howe or whatever this cretinous fool likes to call himself with his cranky 2 dime video to show us all how brilliantly accurate his device is, I have never seen anything so funny, does this brain dead skagg really think roulette players are going tobe persuaded by such an unprofessional amateurish display of incompetance. Read the text to the right of the video, this bit is the funniest, it mentions how he was vistied by a UK national newspaper at his “Mansion”, the guy is virtually bankrupt and lives in hovel that’s not even owned by him, he lives in his girlfriends house, scrounging off of her, not exactly the high roller he wants to believe he is, so players beware a moron bearing roulette gifts!

It never ceases to amaze me how stupid and moronic this roulette developer has become, really, this guy beats them all, BUT he is still in business which means some unfortunate people are still falling for this scam, so be careful. He should be on the stage doing a turn he’d make far more money as a comic than a serious bona fide roulette developer, there are serious honest roulette developers but this scammer extraordinaire is not one of them, clearly this man is about as useful to roulette as as George W Bush is too world peace.

Just a warning to stay well clear of this thief, otherwise this slimy toad will empty your wallet and be laughing at you as he’s sipping the champagne he’s just bought with your hard earned cash!

cowboy gambler

I think I did a lot, I can’t do much more.

All those pages they create is only indication how desperate to sell they are.

They even recorded and video of FF. It is totally unprofessional and unrespectfull to all users of FF. They do not care if people using it they only care how to make their sales.
In 2 years I never published single picture or video of the FF to promote it, simply because I am not chasing buyers. Stefano Hourmouzis in his attempt to show the world how the FF works and how it doesn’t use hearing aid, he showed 1:15 hit rate.

Mark Howe past few months talk to himself under all different names at some other forum sites. Just to get some attention and to find someone green to sell him his rubbish.

I am trying to stay as much as I can from their stupidities.

Hi, Cowboygambler.

There is a good side to all this.

As long as the nay-sayers and doubters believe that all roulette computers are a complete scam, then we’re in good shape.

Know what I mean?



We dont want every player being too smart.Don’t take scammers personally.They actually provide a bit of a service to us as well :wink: ;),by accident of course.

Bad computers would be only very small percentage.
There are already plenty of people trying luck, or some mathematical systems.

I know man who is retired. He sold well developed business and now every day he and his wife are in casino regularly losing about $1000 per visit. He plays roulette and she is donating to machines. I know him for about one year so do the calculation.

When I walk in to the high rollers room, I notice that 50% of people are all the time same. I could notice that some of them playing kind of dealer signature but they all are still losing. It is hard for me to understand how people can so easily give their money away. If they can play such high bets every night they are probably loaded with money so the question is why they gamble if they don’t have advantage.

Hi Guys,

Yes, I guess your right maybe Howe serves a purpose but it still bothers me that others are getting ripped off, but hey! You only have to get ripped off once and you know to be wary, although it’s hard to take when it runs into thousands and not just a few bucks.

But as Forester says the retired types are losing serious cash, burning money to the casinos, a fool and his money are soon parted I guess.

I love our game and there are those who wish to ruin it with short sighted scams and pages upon pages of internet nonsense to attack there competitors, it’s a sad business!



Some people are bagging to be scammed, they simply dream and believe too much.
Scammers know how to feed their dreams. But some people are very realistic and intelligent and they also get scammed. Probably the idea of winning roulette is simply to strong.

Now let’s tease ABC lol.
He is actually very creative and smart person. So how it could happen that he bought Mark Howe’s computer?

I am sorry by the nick name on forum I do not know who you are, but I think that you are another guy who has Mark’s computer.

What happened to the video? to manny scammers on the net, how can one decide?

LOL, when you click on the play button of the video it comes up with “this video has been removed as a violation of youtube’s policy against spam, scams and commercially deceptive content”. He should just give up selling his useless products, im glad i found rouletteplace before i found his fraudulet websites.

LOL, do not start with MH and SH.
We all gave up; Kelly is in charged for SH ;D