Roulette Bot Plus

Has anyone tried this free software or used any of the online Casino’s mentioned?

It appears to be a professionally put together program but I would be surprised if the online Casino’s allow it to win as suggested in the promo video’s?

They do suggest these Casino’s have live wheels but I don’t see how that is possible having so many spins per 23 minute sessions?

Any comments appreciated


Hi MIke

I did download it but havent used it,

might put it on for a bit of fun later

If I do will let you know how I get on,


I have been trying this extensively in the ‘fun mode’ on various casinos.

As they say they have found a glitch in the random number generator, it attracted me.

Initially I tried it for real money, and lost £160 after being about £100 ahead.

Then I switched to fun mode, and tested it extensively. While there are long runs of winning modest amounts £40 to £130, there are terrifying downward spikes that wiped out over £2,000 on a few occasions, and lesser amounts at other times. These larger downward spikes seem to occour about 1 times out of 10 runs with the Bot.

Then I decided I would play for real money again, and won back my losses, and a very small amount ahead.

I am currently testing the casino to see if they first of all pay me out my modest win and initial bankroll. If so I may try this for larger amounts, but those downward spikes are severe when they happen, although not too often.

I was told by the Bot people that the bot works differently with real money, but I have yet to confirm this.


Thanks for the report quite interesting.

My understanding is that the online Casino’s use a different program setting for Fun Play and Money Play?

Are you able to get an indication of what the Bot looks for in placing its bets?

Is it based on previous spins or distance or something else?


It looks like they use a waiting process for so many of any one type of bet to come up, and then start their progressive betting.

Normally this would be doomed to failure at some point of course, because there is nothing to stop anything coming up many times (I have seen 19 times for the first row not to come up in the fun mode, and I was using a £12,000 fun balance to start with).

Anyway if they found a glitch, then I still haven’t seen it as a consistent winner on the fun mode or the real money mode.

Its the first time I tried online casino’s, and being ahead, they are now asking for a lot of further play from me before paying out a win (they want £7,300 worth more of bets, due to my having accepted a bonus from them).

My feeling now, is that this Bot could be something the casinos themselves have set up and are promoting covertly. This occoured to me after I started playing live unfortunately, and its a clever if dirty ruse to part people from their money.


Thats very interesting and I like your suspicious thoughts because those online Casion’s are not controlled in any way that I am aware of?

Keep winning


Hi MIke,

  I did download it but have not used it,I am unable to operate it i do not know how we operate it so i am looking more tips for it's use.

OK and sorry I cannot help other than to say again…be careful and keep winning.


This software is using an old method on black and red…
It’s a looser.
Try XpressMoneyBot it’s a roulette software that plays on individual numbers.

He is much more faster and win much more bigger and safely than this scam of roulette bot plus (that by the way is a pure imitation of the software WinRouletteBot that was one of the best in old times, i think he was the first really working roulette bot on the market.)

Let me know if you like it as me.

I tried a lot of roulette softwares and Roulettebotplus is really not the best. It is slow and hard to earn lot of money.
For me, the best is “Easy Money Bot” on
It is very fast and reliable. I earn a lot of money.

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If only there was a thread where people could test their predictions and put these guys in their place! ;D

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:slight_smile: yeah Davey… I thought the same thing. I like Forester’s BOT programming language as well. If only there was such a challenge somewhere… aaah [sigh]

Why not try it? It may be fun plus the benefits are very good. I myself win $600 monthly because of my Roulette Crusher.