Roulette bias exposed!

Here is an interesting article worth reading for all seroius roulette players. This article holds a lot of merit because the aurthor of this article is the Director of Table game operations at a major casino. His job is to TRY and stop cheats and advantage players like you.

CHEERS!!! ???

good read dr

we clocked a wheel in aus that went over 4std over 10000 spins the number in question was 11 it was my first time looking for funny wheels but while we was clocking the casino was watching and they moved the wheel to a less played posistion, we then went on to find and win with the #2 same casino two tables ,and every body said these wheels are hard to find, we now can find these wheels within one hour and then you start the hard work of clockingonce you have a wheel
if you look back at some old posts,i am not sure where now, we got mike to help us and he may have made some posts as well

the leaning curve continues


He can’t find it, since it was posted in “boys club section”

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the good doctor has many posts about bias wheels so what we have posted in the past is not new to him, except to say in a nice way that members of this board have first hand experience with bias wheels in aus and new members should read some of the good doctors past posts