Rotor speed

Hey guys magnum here,

My question is about rotor speed. How often does the speed change, the wheels around here in my casinos are all spinning automatically.

Haha this may seem like a dumbass of a question but would I have to worry about speed changes?

If you say auto spin of rotor I assume you mean you have airball roulette, right?

If so it depends on the model of the airball machine. What I would be very weary of would be the airball machines (latest mmodels) where the wheel speed changes in mid spin (apparently)

If not, and it’s the older models the usually have about 3 different wheel speeds if I recall correctly. Haven’t played those in a long time as theyu have been removed from our casinos

There were few posts about that subject.
Not sure how to search for it.

I will confirm. It’s not airball roulette. The rotor is spun mechanically and the ball is spun by hand

Never seen those before. :o

Only thing I would suggest is to time the rotor and see.

Again though, makes one worry that the wheel speed could be changed within the spin itself. Something to look out for.


One day overthinking will doom us all lol