Rotor or ball speed/distance

Caleb mention in a post that someone can estimate the same ball speed for each spin and look at rotor movement patterns. He asks if that was what a person looks for when talking about visual ballistics.

What would be more practical to use? for a signature!
Because I also remember Bebediktus posting a signature where he clocks rotor speed to be same and then looks at ball distances.

Both are in the same range using either rotor or ball distances.
Have someone explore this way.


a timer :slight_smile:

Yes, you are correct and what happens when you do the following.

  1. You have a mobile app with a metronome vibrating 0.5 sec

  2. You watch any number below a reference deflector when the ball is over it and start to count the vibration until the ball is over the same number a second time. (note how many pockets rotor travel) and when the ball is over number the second time you start to count the vibration again until the ball is over the number a third time (note how many pockets rotor travel).

  3. Each time you get the same amount of vibrations (pattern/group) you have the same ball speed and the rotor travels the exact same length. Each category with same value is the exact same spin with ball speed and rotor speed.

  4. Now you can play VB2 with all kinds of different ball and rotor speed and measuring them in the same time at the beginning of the spin.

Comments on that …
This is what I will check with Donna Amons wheel during this weekend …


What you mean with that "start to count the vibration ".
Say ball appears over the same number after 750 ms … then after 830 more …

It is not clear what do you mean.
You look for some exact patter, it may be many spins until it shows.
Then you say about playing VB2 , not sure how if the timer doesn’t start at same time.

Caleb talks about paterns in RRS rotor movement. really what he do is double prediction - pradict ball acordingly it speed and predict rotor acordingly how it change speed in the begining…

it will be interesant if caleb talk about rrs. all online is with rrs and the onlys that havent rrs arent playable . o not time to put bets after the ball is in movement. caleb is yet in the forum? i read years ago he can with the organics wheels (rrs)