Roll call, speak up if you have your own roulette wheel

If you have your own roulette wheel at home, speak up. :slight_smile:



No, but a casino 10 minutes from home, with 2 wheeltypes.
And training software.


;D I have a plastic one. Bias as hell.

No, but i can’t find one at a reasonable price in aus. I’d love my own personal table/wheel in the rumpus room.

For E2 i used bike wheel. checking if I can predict where it will stop. :smiley:

LoOoL :smiley:

Lol Clever

This thread got me thinking about buying one agian, had a quick look on ebay and i see this…

Current bid 620 and shes sold 6 recently between 900-1500, seems like a reasonable price to me? I might put 1000 on it and see if a win >.< I’d like to know what she paid for them…

I like the idea of getting a wheel, can you buy them direct from manufacture?

And how much would 1 cost?

I can’t imagine they would be cheap.

Snowman & Co

Two Casino’s nearby and both sell their old wheels to Caribbean Cruise ships as soon as they detect bias. They use only the latest John Huxley’s all currently with the stone track. It’s a real disincentive to have my own wheel. Better to use their wheels for testing in a real life scenario.


Roulette wheels are not cheap LOL (LifeofLeisure). Most people get them used. Mine is used. Not sure about buying direct. If a used one is 2.5K- 5K USD, then I can’t imagine what a new one would be. Personally, I would rather buy a car.

New one from CEW internacional = 7250$ USD (Without VAT)

From Huxley or others… Cheaper one I think arround the same price…

Put me down for 3!

The one i linked sold for 860, which seems damn cheap to me. Ran out of time placing my second bid :(. Oh well always another day, can spend the money on a new ffa instead :slight_smile:

There’s a wheel for sale on e bay for $5000AU, I’d pay that too, however something doesn’t look right on this wheel, here’s the link,

Look at the diamonds, does that look right? lol.


5K and you have to pay shipping? Thanks, but no thanks. If I were to shell out that kind of money, I would prefer an 8 diamond wheel, or a a car. Shipping is a killer on these things. They are DAMN HEAVY!

I was more interested in the layout of the diamonds on the wheel shown. In the picture of the wheel shown on e bay, on the left side of the wheel all the diamonds are vertical, on the right hands side they alternate between vertical and horizontal, 8 vertical and 4 horizontal total but layout looks odd to me.

Is there a reason why the wheel has this layout for the diamonds?


No particular reason i think. If i recaqll it correct when you fix the diamonds its possible to put them down both verticaal and horisontally in the same hole. I think they just messed up 2 diamonds last time they had it apart. Or maybe the bolts has loosened. Its an old wheel probably from a private.

You can pull up does deflectors and change the settings by hand, its just a sloppy set up.

Seen it on a wheel at a local casino too. Two horizontals adjacent. This after a service was done. The verical that was turned horizontal was the dd on this wheel. So the question was. Did they turn the dd on purpose? Or was it just a mistake by the techie. I think it was done on purpose.