Road to winings

I am probably one of the few who have talked to a lot of players, or at least those who have presented themselves as such. From these conversations, it seems to me that most of my interlocutors do not do logical data analysis, or didn’t do any data analysis at all. Even more – most likely, they don’t even know how to do it…

And playing without data analysis leads to a completely random game, where the player wins or loses at random and can not understand whether he won or lost because he was lucky or unlucky, or it is all—logical …

Understanding why you lose is probably the core of the game and one of the hardest parts. The same can be said for winning. However, it is impossible to understand all this unless you know how to analyse the data… which data is important and which is not. Here, of course, a course on data analysis can help. However, I wanted to find something on YouTube that I could use as an example, but it didn’t work.

Players usually have no idea how a professional player plays or what he does during a game.
It seems to them that he makes some complicated calculations in his head, or the computer does it for him, and after the calculations, that player or his computer knows the number or a certain narrow zone where the ball should stop.

In short, if a professional player or a computer does not hit the exactly predicted zone every time, they say “the computer is not working”… :blush:

They seem to think that by doing the calculations the computer has calculated something like 2х2=5. :slight_smile: and that was the reason why the ball landed somewhere in another place…

You must understand that a computer cannot make a mistake, only the programmer who writes the program can make a mistake and I can tell you that such mistakes are not that rare. However, this is not what causes losses. Loses are because the player does not understand what kind of signals the computer gives him, or what the calculated number is by the system E1, E2 or VB2, or any other method of visual ballistics.

Start of all - players must understand that any system firstly predicts some reference point and after add to it some other distance or distances to show the real place where to bet for the player.
So are something like raw prediction and tuned prediction. Raw prediction gives a computer or VB system, tuned prediction must do the player himself based on data, or something other.

Computer programs usually have the ability for entering data and in this way possible to see tuned predictions from the start. I don’t like that, because this way player does not see what was calculated by the program and cant use his skill …

Later I will write a continuation and will say what in my opinion is important in working with data…

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E2 keeps the distance from reference number to drop point where the distance can be any, but traditional VB for tilt or RC may get prediction close to drop point.

Here depends on what to name the reference point/number.
It must be a point with some specific features - for example - a point with the same distance till the end. Such a point is mostly used by VB players.
From this, in E2 reference point if we start on 0 and after the interval sees say 17 will be 20.

So we have a reference point and the distance from it to the winning number, or to the contact with the diamond - as one wishes.

By the way - the reference point is needed to sort out what happens until the ball falls into the winning number. This is the starting point for all calculations.

And it has to be chosen in such a way, that we can come to the roulette table any time - watch the spin and write down all the necessary data on a piece of paper, or type it on a computer, or record it in some other way so that it will be possible to read and use it after some time.

In those conversations with people, who called themselves players (I write this way because some of them were probably just simple gamblers, and for me - the words player and a gambler has different meanings) I felt, that when talk comes to the use of data they get lost and this show that not understand what it all about.

However, data, the ability to collect it, especially if hidden from the casino, is probably one of the most important parts of the game.

I know at least four players whose winnings were measured in seven digits and they all spent most of their time at home analyzing the data.
It’s like the proverb: “Hard in the training, easy in the fight…”.

Ok, let’s say we know that we can go to the casino at any time and record what happens on the wheel using the Reference Point, distance to the winning number, rotor speed, and any other data we need.

Now the most important thing - to understand that we can record and that it is necessary is one thing, to go and do all this is quite another.

I know many people who understand that data is very important and you have to collect it firstly and only then, based on some conclusions obtained during the analysis, start the game.
They understand it all, but most often they don’t do it and wonder why they lose…

Let’s say - that we are not like that :slight_smile:
We go to the casino - collecting data one day XX spins data, the second day again XX data, the third … make some graphs and see - that every day, even every hour of the collected data we can build a graph that will not be similar to previous…

And then we suddenly realize that if every day - we have a different picture - then how can we win?
Sure, if pictures always, or mostly are - the same - are no problems, so logical to think that the main task is how to get the same or at least similar pictures near to always ?

Will continue later…


In advantage players in black jack use the term ploppy about clue less players.

My motto of the game i either win or learn. After a loosing session, i always ask myself why did i loose?

The motto is right, but question if enough to have the right motto? I can name maybe 4-5 names from this forum whom I met in a real casino. Who saw how I play and had some discussion with me. And I saw how they play…
In my opinion, they play not right…Some had very nice ideas - ABCDE for example, very beautiful minds and even abilities to make some small things which are possible to hide and very good to use.
But not reached pick…

I always had felt, that we do something not good, then I saw that china player…
Before seeing him under Caleb’s influence I always thought that I play not have enough good wheels and use not enough data…
But if my mind about that china player were right - then was simply that I play not enough good…
Very hard to say… what is true, that he was the only player which I saw and which really played better than me…
All others I met played significantly worse…

At the end of the day anyone can press the clocking switch. Roulette AP is more than that, its more what you are feeding the system. (Shit in = Shit out). And then its all the external factors such as; knowing which dealers that spins the rotor with constant speed, how late they call NMB. I always avoid playing on peek hours, to increase the spin rate.

Not very clear what you here want to say, because it is about what I talk maybe 10 years :slight_smile:

Of course are external factors, but constant speed by the dealer is not so important, simply because you always can choose which speed to play and which - not. NMB you cant select, but again - always can demonstratively leave the table if are something not normal.
So these two factors are such that from one side does not depend on the player, from the other side player has weapons how to fight, or as a minimum - not let for the dealer to win…

So they are far not something important or say not because what player can play good or play bad.
In my opinion, if the player always plays well, not do mistakes - he sooner or later will win no matter to wheel speed or time of NMB.

If you will try to predict the number over which ball will be in some moment, even if that moment will be near the ball fall - you will see, that you can do that quite accurately and in most cases, you will be +/-2-3 pockets away only…
That shows - the main factor in a roulette game that determines how good you play is the ability to predict the last part of spin, scattering, or jumps how who that name…

Predictable scattering is a thing that we are looking for…
How we such can find…?

The first option may be the wheel itself… The wheel itself may have properties that create a stable bounce, i.e. the maximum value differs very little from the minimum value.

If we’re aiming for that - then we need to look at a lot of roulette, record the bounces, and maybe we’ll find what we need… who has done something similar know, how that is easy :slightly_smiling_face:

Another possibility is to try to learn how to find something predictable in any wheel. If we achieve this, it is more likely that we will be able to get some maximum possible from each wheel.
It’s likely to be enough not to lose…

Which one is better? It’s hard to say… the second one is obviously more difficult.
And if you can use the first one, why waste your time on something else :slight_smile:
On the other hand - having studied the second way - most likely we can easily apply the first one, without any special studies…

So how can we find something permanent on any wheel after all?

If we are already so advanced that we know how to collect data, know which ones are best for us, and know which ones are better not to take, we can try to apply these skills.

If we already know how to handle data, it means - we have collected it many times and probably even have made graphs, or charts.

If we look at those graphs, even those collected on different wheels, and if we did everything correctly when collecting data - for example, we marked each value with a dot, we should notice that approximately in the center - there are more dots.
For example, we can see in the chart something like this :

Easy to notice that in the central part of the chart - dots are more.

If you can see that, you are on the right track, very close to the road to winnings … :slightly_smiling_face:

Is correct what do you write. Do you have to make analysis for all the data , and that is the most heavy part, to do without a team, because conditions change and all the study now dont work . Is correct that some wheels are more beateables than others is the same discussion about 10, 12, 15 years ago.

So I always talk that this is very hard and wait for some suggestion, some new idea about how that is possible to do when are alone because all that I created does not work in that level as I wish.
But the main part is that I must get data direct during play - here is what I nothing can do. I can observe one spin and play next, but this is not the same and not the solution.

Yes, the discussion is the same, only with one correction - do others even can those wheels to beat?
From conversations with others and from what I’ve seen, it seems to me that many do play a random game…:slight_smile:

Yes it s heavy to make only one , i played with teams you know, but all the job is very heavy to make it easy to the others and it takes all your time, and it is more heavy if yoy do vb or rc etc combinated with bias, is too difficult , because you can study it a mounth and external changes makes all 0. And start again. Bias players are bias players, ballistic only one is difficult is more than bias 10 times more difficult, for make it good. We speak , you know me, i know what you want to say, . And the second are wheels beatleables and others than not.
I had studying for years. Not only normal wheels , i study all i can do do rrs too for a long time and it has deffects too. It has frecuenties ( sorry for my english) and other things, it have manipulations.
Other thing , manual wheels are beateables but not all of them, because the ball, because the speed, because diamonds, because falls etc etc .
All my studies end at if wheels is beateable it has a same time to the ball to go from balltrack and a speficic ball jump on normal wheels. And on air wheels with rrs the have deffects too ,it have to see that you have a levelled wheel with %, and it has things that if you see that you can win. I am not a winner , not a looser , but i know what is happening and i win .
But is really difficult if you can not analizate all and if you not have a team and a big bankroll.

I had seen maybe a million videos make from me , to find what we have to find, i saw things , but in 2022 , the conditions changes every week. It is not imposible but is really hard to make a big difference without a team. Saludos

We speaK that before , it is essential to take all the data and in the minor of time.
And is true that the times ball falls of balltrack to fall, how it falls , where in what angle, and the distance of our number prediction and our number from star, and the speed not of ball because we want only one, the speed of rotor.

Yes for me is hard to understand your main line…:slight_smile:

Ok, no matter, that is my problem…

I finally want to conclude my philosophical arguments about what it takes to be able to win.
I’ve done a lot of tests examining when I win and when I lose and I can say that in 90% of cases I win when my data forms a very nice and clear Gaussian curve.

And when that curve was clear, it didn’t particularly matter how much data I started the game with.
I can even say that playing with a smaller sample often gave a better result.

This of course does not mean that I played only based on the last few spins. But it allowed me to react to small changes and predict which way those changes would go.

Determining the parameters of the spread based on the fact that they should form a Gaussian curve, in the end, is not difficult. The parameters of the curve and how to determine it, in general, are described in statistical textbooks…

Actually, in this game, it’s very important to understand what can be predicted accurately and what should be looked at as a normal distribution. What we can predict - we predict, what we can’t - we must simply apply the laws of distribution…

Gaussian curve is to make it statical, and what you say is good because , are better micro games if you know after when
you loose and why? That makes to have a control and you know what is happend

By the way, you can try this :

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