Ritz team and mystery about their device

Hello guys

Do we know anything about Ritz team??

Do we know who they are, how many of them was in team, are they still active, where they play now,…???

And the most important: how they played, what they used as electronic device, HOW WORK THEIR DEVICE, can we buy such a device,…???

Do you think that "Professor Johansen"aka “Norwegian” has or knows anything about such a device??

Thanks for any enlightened mysteries.

If you do not want to post on the forum, then you can send me any info on this e-mail address: [email protected]


Don’t worry about Ritz team. Even if I give you a list where they played in the last 6 months and where they will play in the next 6 months, it will not help you. Whatever they did, they did it for themselves. They did not use anybody’s computer, they used poor visual ballistic prediction applied on tilted wheel. Therefore their winnings are 100% legal. However they do play on leveled wheel or I may be more correct if I say trying to play because VB cannot have much success on a leveled wheel.

Ritz Casino is not the only place where they took significant amount of money.
Of course that they still play when they can. The point is that they made enough money to build few hotels down Croatian coast, driving latest Ferrari so they do not have to play any more. Some even opened small casino.

Perhaps you should know that "Professor Johansen"aka “Norwegian” is your old friend Mark Howe, and 2 years ago you gave full support for his stupidities. Based on your emails I assume that you are same Franki from Slovenia, if not I apologise.

Whatever he is trying to achieve with his new web pages and endless discrediting posts all over the net, he is wrong and he is making a big mistake. There is already too much roulette scam on the net and nobody needs more.

If you want to study VB spend some money and get Laurance Scot’s material.
It is not true that only 1 :1000 will win with his system. You do not have to play all conditions. By my opinion VB will never be accurate as computerized prediction but maybe 1:1000 will be able to achieve same results. It is same as with juggling. Someone hardly can juggle 3 balls but someone has so much skill that he can do 12.

If you want computer get my FF or Barnet’s computer.

F & F

If you approach Barnett for a computer be prepared for him to pass all your details on the Casino’s because that is his job. He supplies inside information to Casino’s to assist their security in combating winners.


Lol, that is good one,

I do not know about that but it may be possible. He asked few times to meet me at Gold Coast Jupiters and I did not feel comfortable with that.

I never had his computer however based on few words exchanged with him I am positive that he knows what he is talking about. Anyway predicting tilted wheel with some success is not so hard. At least he did not come with video where he first clocks the ball then rotor as Mark. Imagine accuracy of prediction when the ball is clocked at 0.4-0.5 sec per rotation. It was on his DVD from 1.5 years ago, I do not know if he changed it now.

I think that I am having problem understanding people.
Last night I talked with friend who told me how one of his friends bought mathematical system for 6000 euros which of course never worked. But how someone can even think such system can work, and decide to pay so much.

Hi Forester

I agree with you that it would be pointless to know where they played and they probably do not like any audience to watch them how they play, because I would not like them too if I would be with them.

I more thought on idea to meet them (or at least one of them) in one bar or hotel and talk about different ideas, systems and exchange experiences, specially regards roulette computers and what are the best ways to camouflage them.

I am familiar with all kind of VB ways and only what I need is just to see someone using it in live. (you will understand this: imam puno znanja a nič prakse/izkustva).

I still believe that winning on the roulette tables is much easier when it is in use any electronic device be it mobil phone, thumper,… than to use just your eyes.

Regards “norwegian” I thought all the time that he was/is Mark! His talking about Ritz team always confuse me because he always talks that they used something.
Otherwise Mark is not bad guy, only sometimes he is a bit tough. It is only one thing which piss me off and it is that you need to wait for any updates forever.

Što si mislio glede tvojeg ff naprave?? Mi lahko posles na e-mail kaj več o tej napravi in za koliko bi mi jo prodal (upam, na velik popust).

GUYS, does anyone have Mark’s mobil phone Nokia 6111 ???

Then all you need is few video spins to practise it.

I still believe that winning on the roulette tables is much easier when it is in use any electronic device be it mobil phone, thumper,... than to use just your eyes.

VB has its own advantages, but not may people can detect and adjust properly rotor changes, or keep constant time.

Regards "norwegian" I thought all the time that he was/is Mark! His talking about Ritz team always confuse me because he always talks that they used something. Otherwise Mark is not bad guy, only sometimes he is a bit tough. It is only one thing which piss me off and it is that you need to wait for any updates forever.

I think he is only trying to catch up damage that Stefano caused him, but he is doing it on wrong way. Well he did look ok past year and I thought he probably did something reasonably good. Now I am concerned how someone with so much time and resources could not come with something better then what he has.

Što si mislio glede tvojeg ff naprave?? Mi lahko posles na e-mail kaj več o tej napravi in za koliko bi mi jo prodal (upam, na velik popust).

FF is cheap enough, especially after I have had some very good luck using it and playing VB. I am even lazy to build it for current price.
What is happening with ISKRA or Gorenje, if they can build hardware I do not mind supplying chip for fraction of price.
I am looking for someone to build hardware.

Iskra was good, are they still in business?
Years ago I use to do maintenance on telephone exchanges.
In 5 years time Iskra was down only once, and Ericsson had problem almost every week.


Franki & Forester

Just as a further reminder regarding the dangers of discussions with Barnett, please take the time to read or re-read each of the articles on his web site report page including the blackjack and baccarat reports. http://www.survtech.com.au/reports/reportsList.htm


"Successful mental wheel clockers can obtain advantages of around 10% on turnover. Advantages rise to above 20% on turnover when a microcomputer is used to gather the timing information and perform the required calculations."

I would not agree with this at all. If you remember when I was explaining "plain prediction " in the boys club. That is what he is doing and that is why result is not higher then 20%.
We can not say we will look for time window of 150 ms simply because on some wheel that may be full rotation. Tilt 2 adjusts it according detected ball deceleration. So on some wheels it may be 130 on some only 90 ms, but it will result in same percentage of spins predicted.
Additionally who says hat ball with speeds of 800 €“ 950 must hit dominant diamond. It depends on wheel that we play it could be that 800-850 makes 6 rotations and and ball within 870-950 makes 5 rotations. 950-870 may end up somewhere in between. FF has setting for that which is very important. Formatted window is not equally balanced on both sides of detected ball speed.

Reason for that is much higher risk of incorrect prediction if ball is faster and misses diamond compared to if ball is slower and stays 1 rotation shorter or most likely 0.75 rotation shorter.
Also to avoid as much as possible spins where the ball has high chance just to touch very top of diamond. Because that spins hardly can produce any advantage.
This would result in 50-60% spins predicted but recently I did some extra work which increases it to 80-90%. Because system defines where exactly time frame should be positioned, it makes on the edge of frame restricted speeds then again predicts but with rotor calculation by 1 rotation less or more, dependently on which side of time frame the ball speed is positioned. Further more even if 800-950 ms ball makes same amount of rotations it is not in same amount of time therefore and rotor position when the ball hits will not be same.

I am a bit confused with his 800-950 ms prediction because until recent he was talking all the time about 1200- 1400 ms why did he changed it to so much earlier prediction?
Advantage with computer can be much higher then 20% if additional factors are taken in consideration, I assume it is same with VB.
If payer can manage to get something as this to position where the ball hits rotor.

Then his advantage may be much higher. Final result really depends on scatter. On some wheels it could be zero but on some it may be 100% or more.
Recent few casino tests with tilt 2 I had almost every hit on played sector 7-9 numbers.
It was probably some extra luck because and some spins where ball was jumping across rotor end up on played sector. I do not have exact data but if I estimate it I was probably playing with 100-200% advantage. Such good result definitely wasn’t coincidence because I did it few times with same results. Therefore it is definitely result of good prediction and good conditions. Same dominant diamond symmetrically hit in both directions about 70%, smooth wheel surface, no spinners and reasonably constant rotor speed 3-4 sec per rotation. My VB is plain prediction and what FF does in less then 1 hr on same wheel VB needs 3 hours.

I like this part.

"So, how do you detect concealed computers, transmitters and video cameras on the gaming floor? Quite simply, you can't. All is not lost! Electronically equipped teams with the ability to dent your bottom line will almost certainly be using inductive ear canal receivers. These receivers detect magnetic radiation, not radio frequency. For our purposes this magnetic radiation can only travel a few feet. This radiation is 'broadband' in the sense that to detect it you do not have to tune to a particular frequency. If an inductive loop and amplifier is brought within range of the device's output inductor, it's possible to receive the same signals that the wearer of the earpiece is receiving. Inductive loops are both transmitters and receivers. For example if you pump a very high-power oscillating signal into such a loop while in the vicinity of someone wearing an inductive earpiece, you would drive them batty. Such a device could be hand held or incorporated under gaming tables for very little cost. Surveillance Technology can advise on the techniques involved and the equipment required."

Wondering what hearing aid people think about this. Specially when system pronounces numbers and to make it worst not one but 3 numbers, than at same time they talking about security.
FF works on close frequency as oscillators in any monitor in casino when generating 25 000V for picture tube. They generate huge induction and in between all of that is would be hard to find so short signal as ff produces. I still do not say it is imposable.


Remember Barnett’s comments are based on ‘yesterday’s’ technology and after he reads your post he will probably change his writings again. But for us the important thing is not when he changes his web site but when he tells the Casino’s which could be tomorrow.

There is no question in my mind that they will find it almost impossible to detect the FF electronically but their best guide will always be tracking the winning players and when the new generation chips come into use they will even be able to follow the chips in your pocket moving from table to table to the cashier’s window!

Don’t forget they can bar any player as an undesirable and their definition of an undesirable is a player who wins!



Recently guy bought marks mobile phone.
He had so much trouble with him. First he refused to send it then it was lost but Mark did not have any prove of sending it, then he refused to send him hearing aid. After he made few posts here at forum and after I sent email to Mark, Mark softened and promised to send him all equipment. It costs much more then 1000 pounds as advertised if you want it to be useful in casino. After all stress I think guy regret buying it. While waiting for Marks phone for few months he found my page and bought FF as well. He confirmed that he received it and that he is happy but since then I did not hear from him or he did not ask for any support.
[font=Verdana] [glow=red,2,300]I hope he did not try to put FF in the ear.[/glow] [/font] ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

I hope he did not try to put FF in the ear.

If he did I hope it was the adjustable zap version! ;D ;D ;D

The amount of spike that the Zap produce on your FF will show an instant broadband signal to any standard pocket detector that casino personal carry. I will show a video at my site showing your FF easily detected with standard pocket detector at my site http://www.roulettecomputerreviews.com

induction loop give off signal that is analogue on analogue system hearing devices and cannot be detected with radio frequency detectors. I will add this to my site. It can be detected only with expensive detectors.

I ask you again, but you avoid question, can your FF device bypass the RRR(Roulette rotor Randomizer) device fitted to roulette wheels. You do not seem to know anytihng about this and how it work, Howe claimed that he talked to you about this device but you did not accpet it. I have video showing device coming soon to my site.

Last question, why do you think I am stefano?

I never thought or said that you are Stefano.

I know that he did discredit you badly.
Instead of proving the other way you decided to use opportunity for more scam.

After all I think his review at http://www.roulettesystemreviews.com/
is correct same as yours about him.

No I never played wheel with your RRR, or at least I did not notice it.
I explained to you at the other post why FF wouldn’t be so affected as your way of prediction.

Another of your problems is that you analyze data wrongly.
Same as Stefano you both are creating graphs based on results. But you do not know how ball comes to that number. I do because I observe similar as VB players; I observe where from prediction the ball hits rotor. If someone playing up with rotor that would definitely show. Didn’t I tell you that FF uses the best of everything, other way it would be imposable to have advantage on leveled wheel. Even with all the best it is not easy at all.
Keep good work with your roulette computer for dummies.
Go, do my test and show us your results.

your device cannot predict a varying decelerating rotor at all unless you know how it works. I know this makes your device ineffective. You cannot compensate for this device if you have not got the device and know how it works.

I do not sell anything to the public.

I sell my device to casino personal.

You claim people are scammers, it is you that is a scammer if you state that your device can beat RRR.

no OS system is going to help you beat RRR

The only reason i post here is to premote my RRR device that is sold to casinos to prevent ineffective devices like yours.

forester stops me posting in other thread proving who i am and that I am Prof R Johansen in Norway.

He wishes me not to post anymore on RRR device because it affects his sales.

I sell RRR to casinos only, not to public.

He states I am Stefano and then Mark Howe because it discredits my site at http://www.roulettecomputerreviews.com and the threat to his scam that does not work and cannot beat RRR.

He states that his device could still work against RRR but does not know how RRR works , he does not have technical information on device so how can such claim be made?

My only gain here is to inform people that RRR exisits and its near impossible to play against device if you do not have technical device specification. This increases my sales of device to casinos.

I have invited you to phone me in Norway but you will not let me reply to RRR thread anymore because it affects your sales, RRR exist, means your device is useless in many casinos.

Common man , I wouldn’t stop you posting, I just had such good laugh reading your posts. Avatar picture really suits your stile.

You cannot compensate for this device if you have not got the device and know how it works.

Mark did I eve say that I compensate for it. I only said that FF is les sensitive because it calculates rotor differently then what your computer does. And I also said if someone is playing with rotor speed I would easy notice it. Once you have such accurate device as FF you would simply know if something is wrong.

The only reason I post here is to promote my RRR device that is sold to casinos to prevent ineffective devices like yours.

That is fine with me, but somehow it does not make sense to me. If my device is ineffective why would casino need prevention? I think you wanted to say that you posting about RRR to promote it, so casino buy it from you to protect themselves from you. Hmm something is wrong again.

Forester stops me posting in other thread proving who I am and that I am Prof R Johansen in Norway.

Lol, now I am accused that I am proving that you are professor.

If forester wants you to stop posting he would do it to all posts.
I am not even sure if I can restrict someone to post on only one post.

I think you will not replay because I answer all of your questions and you could not answer any.

Mark get life, go to your program and try to make it better.
Next time when you come here refer to me with Mr. Forester, can I do roulette apprenticeship with you. But if you want to do scam go to Stefano’s forum, you will still be able to learn.

Just received latest information about your computer and I can tell you one thing.
It does not sound good at all. It is worst then you’re PDA.

It was everywhere how Ritz team won huge amount on roulette.

But I did not see any news about how one gang recently lost $3 000 000 in Greece all together on BJ and roulette. It was some kind of set up.

However until from Europe to Australia they already recovered losses. :wink: