Risk/REWARD betting system

Hi There,

Based on prediction of section, what is the best bet to place on that section for total session bet advantage.

Is it 7 number arc? 5 number arc? 15 number arc?

Have been playing around with a few variables but the problem is that with section betting, ball jump is never exact, therefore smaller arcs give you more bets for your capital but more often the bet is one/two pockets OUT.

So do we increase the arc to have a wider chance on a single spin with a bigger risk or do we play out the close calls on the lower number arc?

Have also been playing around with this configuration;

Bet = 15 consecutive numbers, of which;
Middle 5 numbers is 5x value of 5 numbers on either side.
Example: Callbet of 5,11,20 (and their neighbors) 5 by 250, 11 & 20 by 50.

This way, if the side numbers come, it’s money back, if the middle number comes it’s hit number for profit.

Any thoughts on what is the best bet based on prediction of a section?

Also, maybe good bet progressions for losses/ wins?

Thanks guys!

Hi i can send you a program to analyze
Here is the screen shot of arc size, expected value, advantage

Hi @yomanbee,

Thank you for response, yes please that would be helpful.